How to Use Mirrors to Redecorate Your Home

Looking to give your home a refreshing new look without a complete refurnish? Adding mirrors to various rooms will help open up your space and bring a different look and feel to your home. Since mirrors have a timeless, classic look, they go great in any room. Check out some of these ideas to get […]

5 Reasons Why Glass Shelves Are Perfect For Your Home

Have you been debating investing in new shelving for your home. Here’s why glass shelving can take the hassle out of trying to decide what type to get!   Durable Glass shelves are extremely durable and can hold a significant amount of weight depending on their thickness. They also resist against damage and chipping, unlike […]

Choosing the Right Type of Glass to Use for Your Shower Enclosure

Glass shower enclosures are no longer “just glass”. There is a variety of glass types, colors, and designs. When choosing the right glass door for your shower, there are many different questions you need to answer. How much privacy do you want? What’s your aesthetic preference? Is it important to be easy to clean? Main […]

What is a Beveled Mirror?

Beveled mirrors are types of mirrors that have edges cut at a certain angle, and are cut to the desired dimensions. Beveled mirrors serve the same purpose as any other mirror, a decorative item that reflects light. However, a beveled edge gives a mirror a more embellished look. A beveled edge is a sloped edge […]

Custom Mirrors Can Give Your Home A Brand New Look!

Custom mirrors can add the perfect touch to any decor; they can accent and add character to any space. Mirrors add natural light, lengthen walls, add height to ceilings, and overall, make rooms appear more spacious. Adding mirrors is a very affordable way to make a room appear larger. Mirrors provide additional lighting in a […]

Enhance Your Bathroom with Glass Shower Enclosures

At Atlas Glass & Mirror, we understand how tiring the work week can make us. Whether you work part time, over time or a standard nine to five, our schedules can get quite hectic. One way to unwind is to take a nice hot bath, surrounding by a beautiful glass shower enclosure. The bathroom is […]