6 Stylish Options for Shower Enclosures

shower enclosureWhen entering a bathroom, the shower is one of the first things that is noticed. If the shower is the focal point of the bathroom, why not spruce it up with a beautiful enclosure. With the unlimited number of designs, there is a shower enclosure for any style bathroom!


Frame-less glass shower enclosures are very popular because of their flexibility. They work in any style bathroom, whether it’s elegant or classic, and appeal to any taste. It’s extremely easy to clean and maintain and is a great way to showcase your shower!

Aluminum and Glass

With glass panels set into an aluminum frame, they add a little flair to your bathroom!

Glass Block

Glass block enclosures eliminate the need for a shower door. They come in many different styles, thicknesses and colors, and can create a unique look in any type of bathroom.

Sliding Glass

Sliding glass can create stylish, space-saving shower doors. They’re perfect for bathrooms that don’t have room for a swinging door, but can still show off a beautiful shower.

Textured Glass

Textured glass enclosures give a hint privacy without having to use a shower curtain. There are an unlimited amount of textured glass options to match the design of any bathroom!


Framed enclosures are a popular option because they are less costly than frame-less enclosures, but still offer the ability to show off a beautiful shower.

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