Apprentice Glazier

Position: Part-Time Apprentice Glazier

We are looking for an individual seeking to learn the glass trade. Candidates for this position would ideally be enrolled in a trade school in a closely related trade, such as carpentry or metal fabrication. A glazier must measure, cut, and fabricate glass to meet our customers specifications. Glass and mirrors are cut to size, the edges are polished, and then they’re installed in homes and businesses. Glaziers are in high demand right now, and those with experience working as a glazier installing such things such as glass shower enclosures, glass in windows, doors, mirrors, etc. can enjoy a steady employment and good wages and benefits. A summer job or a part time job during the school year gives you a chance to explore this trade for possible future employment. Hourly wage is negotiable based on work history. Good organizational skills, ability to focus, willingness to learn new skills, attentiveness, ability to listen and follow directions, taking pride in ones’s work, keeping your tools and work areas clean and organized, self starters who always want to find a way to contribute, and showing that you take responsibility for your actions are some of the attributes we feel are important. If interested in joining our team, please send your resume/work history to We look forward to hearing from you!

Job Type:

  • Part-time (20+ hours a week)


  • Valid drivers license
  • Good driving record
  • Background check
  • Drug test (may be required)