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Reasons to Install Glass Shower Enclosures

Glass shower enclosures have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their aesthetic appeal and practical benefits.  No doubt, this popularity is for a good cause. They make your bathroom feel bigger while being smaller than the traditional bath space. 

In this article, we will find out the top reasons why you should install a glass shower enclosure in your bathroom during your next bathroom remodel.

Aesthetics and Design

One of the most significant advantages of glass shower enclosures is their aesthetic appeal. Glass is a versatile material that can be designed in various styles and shapes to complement any bathroom decor. Whether you prefer a modern or traditional look, a glass shower enclosure can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your bathroom.

Increased Home Value

Installing a glass shower enclosure can significantly increase the value of your home. Potential buyers will appreciate the added luxury and sophistication of a glass shower enclosure, which can ultimately lead to higher resale value.

Easy Maintenance

Glass shower enclosures are incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Unlike shower curtains or framed shower doors, glass shower enclosures do not collect mold or mildew, making them a hygienic and practical choice.

Improved Lighting and Spaciousness

Glass shower enclosures are an excellent way to improve the lighting and spaciousness of your bathroom. Natural light can flow freely into your shower area, making it feel brighter and more open. Glass also creates an illusion of more space, making your bathroom look and feel larger.

Enhanced Safety

Glass shower enclosures are designed with safety in mind. They are extremely robust and break-resistant since they are made of tempered glass, which is four times tougher than regular glass. The risk of damage when tempered glass breaks is also minimized by the glass’s design to shatter into small, spherical fragments.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Glass is an environmentally friendly and sustainable material that can be recycled infinitely without losing its quality or purity. Installing a glass shower enclosure is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener planet.

Privacy and Comfort

Glass shower enclosures provide privacy and comfort, which is especially important if you share a bathroom with others. With glass shower enclosures, you can enjoy the benefits of a private shower without feeling cramped or claustrophobic.

Versatility and Customization

Glass shower enclosures offer endless possibilities for customization. You can choose from a wide range of glass types, patterns, and finishes to create a unique and personalized look that matches your style and preferences.

Cost-Effective Solution

Glass shower enclosures are a cost-effective solution that can save you money in the long run. Unlike shower curtains or framed shower doors, glass shower enclosures are incredibly durable and long-lasting, reducing the need for frequent replacements and repairs.

Durability and Longevity

Glass shower enclosures are incredibly durable and long-lasting. They are designed to withstand daily wear and tear, making them an excellent investment for your bathroom renovation.

Health Benefits

Glass shower enclosures offer several health benefits. They can prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which can cause allergies and respiratory problems. Additionally, the smooth surface of glass prevents the accumulation of dirt and bacteria, making it a hygienic and healthy choice.

Increased Functionality and Accessibility

Glass shower enclosures provide increased functionality and accessibility, especially for those with mobility issues. They offer barrier-free access, making it easier for people with disabilities to enter and exit the shower safely and comfortably.

Easy Installation

Glass shower enclosures are easy to install, requiring minimal time and effort. Most professional installation services can complete the installation process within a day, ensuring that your bathroom renovation project is completed quickly and efficiently.

Install Glass Shower Enclosures with Atlas Glass and Mirror

Installing a glass shower enclosure is an excellent way to enhance the functionality, aesthetics, and value of your bathroom. With their versatile design, durability, and easy maintenance, glass shower enclosures are a practical and sustainable choice that can provide you with many years of enjoyment. If you are interested in installing a glass shower enclosure in your Metro West home, contact Atlas today!

A view of a cafe with a large glass storefront display. You can see the brick and metal structure surrounding the glass and the word "Cafe" written in white letters at the top of the structure.

Why Are Storefront Glass Displays Important?

When you’re setting up a business, you should be keeping an exceptional level of attention to detail in mind! You’ll want to make sure that everything looks as perfect as possible to attract your target audience’s attention. Interior design is an important aspect of this process, but what about exterior design? Having a storefront glass display installed should be at the top of your priority list before you officially open your business. If you haven’t given much thought to the idea of a storefront glass display before, why should you do so now? We explain how important storefront glass displays are below!

It Serves As An Advertisement For Your Business

In order to look at why storefront glass displays are a vital item to have, let’s take a look at the aspects that draw people to businesses in the first place. What is the one thing that a business’s clients all have in common? The answer is that something caught their attention about the business that encouraged them to take a look at it, whether it be an advertisement or endorsement from a friend. Storefront glass displays serve as an advertisement for your business, allowing potential clients to get a first glimpse of what you offer inside. You can even decorate it with decals that promote your business even further!

It Brings In Natural Light

Believe it or not, a storefront glass display can also increase the quality of your business’s interior design! These displays can bring in a massive amount of natural light, which helps to give your business a brighter and more cheerful appearance. A customer’s impression of your business may be affected by their ability to see everything properly, and natural light helps to ensure that this isn’t an issue. It helps influence your audience’s perspective as to the quality of what you’re selling, giving them a more positive impression of your business as a result.

It Improves Energy Efficiency

As a business owner, you should clearly understand all the different costs that go into running a business. This is especially the case if you operate out of your own facility! Not only will you have to worry about business expenses, but you’ll have to contend with your building expenses too. Having a storefront glass display in place improves the energy efficiency of your business, decreasing your monthly energy bill costs as a result. This is the result of both the glass being tempered and the warmth that natural light brings into your business.

Storefront Glass Display Installation With Atlas Glass and Mirror

Having the best storefront glass display means working with the glass contractor that will deliver the best results. Atlas Glass and Mirror delivers the best glass products in Massachusetts from the country’s top manufacturers! We’ll ensure that your storefront glass display has everything you need to attract the attention of your target audience. To increase your business leads and property value, contact us today to install a new storefront glass display!

A close up of a window with a white curtain. Outside, you can see snow and snow-covered trees.

Why Should You Replace Your Windows Before Winter?

If you’ve lived in New England for a while, there should be one thing that you’ve taken away from your time here: our winters can get exceptionally cold! Before the winter starts, you should take some precautions around your home to ensure that the inside doesn’t feel the worst of the temperature change. Replacing your windows before the start of winter is an effective method to making this happen. But, why exactly is this? Why should you replace your windows prior to winter starting? We break down the facts for you below!

New Windows Have More Insulation

Your home’s windows aren’t meant to last forever! One of the biggest reasons why you should get them replaced has to do with insulation. Over time, the seals that keep the outside air where it belongs and regulate your home’s temperature start to weaken. As these seals deteriorate, more of the cold air from the outside will find its way in, creating drafts of cold air that affect your home’s temperature. Replacing windows before the wintertime will ensure that these seals are at their maximum strength, warming your home and decreasing energy bill costs in the process!

Better Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is another element of your windows that start to deteriorate over time. This can cause far worse problems than cold air entering your home. Without the proper protection from the elements, water will have a much easier time entering your home. This can cause water damage to the windowsills, floor, and furniture around your windows. These items can be incredibly costly to repair and replace, so the best defense against this is preventing any leaks from occurring. Newer windows have better weather stripping that successfully defends against the elements.

Preventing Mold and Mildew

Water damage isn’t the only thing you have to worry about with faulty weather stripping! The increase in water entering your home can also lead to the rise of mold and mildew growth. Not only is it an eyesore and expensive to get remediation work done on it, but it’s also hazardous to your health. Breathing in moldy air can pose a serious health risk, as it sharply reduces the air quality in your home. Getting new windows will help to eliminate these health risks and restore order to your space.

Replacement Windows With Atlas Glass and Mirror

If you’re looking for replacement windows with the highest quality and best protection from New England weather, look no further than Atlas Glass and Mirror! If there’s a glass product or service that you can think of, we’re the experts of installing it. This includes EnergyStar rated replacement windows to help keep your home warm this winter! If you need new replacement windows for your home, click here to contact us directly and be connected with the best options!

A glass window at nighttime with a lightning bolt streaking through the sky. A woman looking out the window is illuminated by the bolt.

How To Prepare Your Windows For Severe Weather

Your windows are far more important to your home than you realize! Not only do they protect your home from the elements of the outside world, but they provide much needed insulation and natural light to the room they’re in. Sometimes, however, the elements of the outside world can be too strong to bear. Strong storms and hurricanes have the potential to compromise the integrity of your windows if you aren’t prepared for them. We show you how to prepare your windows for severe weather below!

Inspect The Seals

Having your home suffer water damage during a severe storm isn’t a problem you want to have happen. It could cost you a fortune to repair, meaning that the best way to avoid water damage costs is to prevent it from happening altogether. If you see severe weather forecasted, the first action you should take is to inspect your window seals. If you find that they’ve been compromised, use caulk to reseal them. The more sturdy your window seals are, the better prepared they’ll be for a major storm.

Install Storm Shutters

Window seals aren’t the only piece of armor that you can fortify your windows with! There are actually other means of protecting your windows that you can use. While you can’t use these as a last minute option, installing storm shutters gives your windows a means of armor that you can’t easily obtain otherwise. These wooden shutters can shield your windows from flying debris and hail that can compromise their integrity. It may take a few weeks to get them installed, so you should consider these sooner rather than later if you want them!

Board Them Up With Plywood

If you’ve just received word of a severe storm on its way and don’t have a lot of time to prepare, the best thing you can do is to board up your windows with plywood. Plywood boards have a similar effect to storm shutters in that they shield your windows from potential debris. They are also far quicker and easier to install than storm shutters, making them useful in a pinch. If you can’t readily get access to plywood, there’s one service that will help you get them in time!

Emergency Glass Board-Up With Atlas Glass and Mirror

Atlas Glass and Mirror can save your windows from damage with our emergency glass board-up services! In the event of a severe storm, we want to make sure that your home is properly protected, which is why we’ll work quickly to make this happen. We also offer replacement windows in the event that they can’t be saved! If you need new windows or just some last-minute protection, click here to contact us directly!

A close up image of a window installer placing a white seal on the bottom of a window.

Tips On Saving Money On Your Energy Bill

As a homeowner, you’re likely very familiar with the fact that your bills can pile up very quickly. Not to mention the fact that these costs can prove to be a major burden! However, there’s actually a lot you can do to reduce these sums from month to month. This is especially true for your home’s energy bills! There are plenty of little things behind the scenes that can contribute to these rising prices more than you’d even realize. The more you do to snuff them out, the better off you’ll be. We’ll give you some helpful tips for doing so below!

Check Seals On Windows and Doors

Did you know that a lot of temperature is lost in the seals of your windows and doors? Draftiness is the biggest issue surrounding windows and doors with faulty seals, and it can be devastating to your home’s energy bill costs. It’s a good practice to inspect these seals from time to time. If you can feel a slight draft, it’s a good sign that these seals are faulty. Some window seals can be replaced by themselves, but it’s an early warning sign that you may need to get your windows replaced! The better your seals are, the lower your costs will be.

Don’t Be Generous With The Thermostat

I know it might be tempting to up the thermostat a few degrees when it gets cold during the winter, but this is one of the easiest ways to increase your energy bill! The more you increase your thermostat’s temperature, the more that your home’s heating systems will have to do to get your home to the desired temperature. This adds up a lot more than you think when it comes to monthly costs! When it gets too cold in your house, throw on a sweatshirt. It might not sound ideal at the moment, but your wallet will thank you later!

Change Out Your Furnace Filters

Did you know that your furnace contributes more to your energy bill than most other systems? There’s a good reason for this: your furnace needs filters to help protect the air quality throughout your home! These filters can be your undoing if you forget to do regular maintenance on them. You should be changing out your filters every once in a while to ensure that your furnace doesn’t have to do as much work to heat your home. The less energy it uses, the less you pay per month!

Replacement Windows With Atlas Glass and Mirror

Your home’s seals play a massive role in your energy bill. If your windows are looking worse for wear in this department, trust Atlas Glass and Mirror to replace them! We specialize in installation of all things glass, including a variety of different types of windows for your home. We’ll ensure that they have the energy efficiency you need to reduce your energy bills. To save money in the short and long term, click here to contact us directly!

A door that's been broken down with chipped wood near the lock, which is a security risk.

Signs Of Needing To Replace A Door

There are a few unfortunate facts that you’ll have to come to terms with when it comes to your home’s furniture. The biggest pill you’ll need to swallow is that it isn’t all meant to last forever! This is especially true when it comes to your windows and doors. When your doors are getting toward the end of their life, there are a few telling signs that it might be time to get some replacements. You could end up saving a good amount of money by knowing these issues ahead of time! We explain what to look for when determining whether to replace a door below!

Your Door Is Difficult To Open

Opening a door requires a certain amount of physical effort. However, it shouldn’t feel like you’re putting in a great deal of effort to do so! If you’re turning the knob and having to provide a little bit of force in order to get it to open, it’s a telling sign that your door might be on its way out soon! You shouldn’t have to put forth an additional effort to get the door to open – if you do, the door has likely suffered from weather warping over time. Don’t put in more work than you have to in order to open a door!

Your Door Poses A Security Risk

Your entry doors should be the most fortified doors in your entire building. After all, they are the last line of defense between your home and a potential burglar! Let’s say that you’re having a problem with locking your door. Maybe you’re having doubts about how well it could hold up against people trying to barge in. If either of these are legitimate concerns that you’re having, it’s time to take action. Security should be a high priority in your home, and replacing your door can be an effective upgrade for it!

You Feel A Draft

This problem is more common in your home’s windows than its doors, but it’s still a costly problem to deal with. It means that your home’s energy systems will have to do more work to heat your home in winter and keep it cool during the summer. As a result, your energy bills are bound to skyrocket! If you replace your doors after noticing a draft, you’ll save yourself a lot of money in the long run.

Door Replacement At Atlas Glass and Mirror

Windows aren’t the only thing we can replace in your home! Having knowledge of all things glass means having experts in door replacement, and you can find them at Atlas Glass and Mirror! We’ll ensure that your doors have the strength and stability they need to keep your bills in check and your security at its peak. To reap these benefits for your home, click here to contact us directly!

The outside of a commercial building with aluminum windows in a line along the frame. You can see a blue sky and clouds next to it.

Benefits of Commercial Aluminum Windows

The windows you see on your standard office building are far different than those of a regular home. Different buildings mean different regulations, and this is especially true for the commercial buildings that are so commonplace in cities. Windows on these buildings have to be far stronger than their counterparts to account for the added pressure, and companies will likely want greater longevity for their windows. Commercial aluminum windows have done a lot to help satisfy these needs; we go over the best benefits they offer below!

Ease of Customization

One of the biggest concerns surrounding residential windows is that they’re very regimented in their design. There isn’t a lot of customization you can do in terms of size and room placement. Commercial aluminum windows differ from this norm by adding a variety of customization options! You can change their size, color, and finish to match the needs of your building. Because of this flexibility, commercial aluminum windows are seen in a variety of applications. Skyscrapers, office buildings and retail establishments are just a few of the buildings that benefit from these windows.

Increased Durability

Other window materials have increased vulnerability when dealing with the elements. Sun, snow and rain will likely cause wear and tear on them, shortening their lifespan. Aluminum windows boast a superior resistance to the elements. It doesn’t expand or contract quickly, meaning that the odds of it warping are far lower. Commercial aluminum windows have the durability to last for upwards of 50 years! This is a trait that’s absolutely necessary when it comes to commercial buildings, as repeated replacements could get costly. For comparison, your standard residential windows last around 15-20.

Easy Maintenance

Because commercial aluminum windows are more durable and strong, they don’t require as much maintenance to stay at peak performance. You should still use best practices when cleaning the glass, such as using glass-friendly window cleaner. However, you won’t need to do it quite as often as you would for residential windows. As long as you stay on top of things every couple of months, your commercial aluminum windows will withstand the test of time. No need to worry about picking up the rag every week!

Commercial Aluminum Windows with Atlas Glass and Mirror

Atlas Glass and Mirror has spent years connecting Massachusetts residents with the best glass products available. From windows and doors to tabletops and everything in between, our glass has the durability and shine to look beautiful for years. If you need commercial aluminum windows installed, click here to contact us directly!

A close up of a beveled glass pane on an entry door. The final result is a clear, floral-like pattern in the middle.

How Is Beveled Glass Made?

When it comes to the glass options that you have for your windows, doors and other products, the possibilities are far and wide. Insulated glass can help protect your home from the harsh weather conditions that New England brings. Fire rated glass can help save your building and your belongings in the event of a fire. Safety glass can help ensure minimal injury risk in case of it breaking. But, what about beveled glass? Believe it or not, this type of glass wasn’t just designed to look pretty. We go into more detail about beveled glass below!

How Is It Made?

Beveled glass is made in a much different fashion from traditional glass making methods. Instead of using techniques like blowing, casting, and core-forming, beveled glass is usually cut at a sharper angle on a much larger piece of glass. The piece is cut and sanded, meaning that the beveled glass loses its transparent properties. The end result is a solid, frosted piece of glass that can be dyed multiple colors to improve its artistic design. It’s most popular use is on entry doors, but it can also be used on windows too.

What’s The Point?

So, what’s the point of having beveled glass? There are two main reasons why beveled glass is a good option for consumers. The first – and perhaps the most obvious – benefit that you can get from them is increased artistic appeal. Especially on an entry door, appearance matters. It sets the stage for your home! The look and feel of beveled glass can also increase your home’s curb appeal. The other big reason that consumers enjoy beveled glass is because you can’t see through it. It’s another way of adding protection and privacy to your home without actually taking security measures.

Other Benefits

Beveled glass can be designed in a wide variety of ways that bring out the best of its artistic talent. Multiple pieces of glass can be combined to create stunning patterns and shapes, such as roses, a sun, or a grassy meadow. It doesn’t just protect front door security, either; if you have an area of your home where it would be inconvenient for you to place curtains or blinds, beveled glass can act as a makeshift replacement for these things.

Beveled Glass With Atlas Glass and Mirror

Atlas Glass and Mirror specializes in installation and replacement of a variety of glass products. We can install windows, doors, storefronts, safety glass, display cases and more! Our glass products look amazing and have the strength and durability to last for years to come. To reap the benefits of beveled glass, click here to contact us directly!

A man opens his glass patio door to the patio outside. You can see a full shot of the patio, including a light brown wooden floor and a white couch on the far right side. A child is laying on the couch.

How A Patio Can Benefit Your Home

The saying “a man’s home is his castle” doesn’t exist for no reason; your home should be an extension of yourself! There are plenty of ways that you can personalize your home to accomplish this feat: you can add custom furniture to your home, different styles of windows, and repurpose certain rooms to better suit what you’d like to use them for. While a big investment, a patio is one of the best ways to improve the look of your home. But, how exactly can a patio benefit my home? We go over the ways below!

It Creates An Entertaining Area

When you install a patio, it can very quickly become the main hub of your home. This is because a patio creates a nice, relaxing and entertaining area that you can use for many purposes. Do you want to invite friends and family over for a barbeque on a sunny day? You can host the whole party from your patio! A patio creates a homey outdoor space that you can host events, relax, and hang out with friends on. Installing a patio adds more functionality to your home than you realize!

It Increases Your Property Value

If you’re ever looking to downsize or move elsewhere in the future, you’ll want to ensure that you receive the most return for your investment. Potential buyers will be far more likely to invest in your home if there’s care taken of both the indoor and outdoor space. Not only will a patio add to your home’s curb appeal, but it adds to the usability of your outdoor area as well. This is a landscaping element that has the potential to sway homebuyers. There are a ton of people that are looking for patios!

It Can Help Extend Your Living Area

Patios aren’t just useful in the summertime! Depending on how extensive your patio build is, you can use it year round to entertain guests and as a place to hang out. Adding the proper furniture to your patio will only increase its usability as a living space. If you do it right, a patio can be a great place to hang out regardless of whether or not you have company.

Patio Door Installation With Atlas Glass and Mirror

Of course, one of the most important aspects of a patio is the door to get outside! This door provides your home with insulation and gives you an easy way to enter and exit your patio. If you need a new patio door for your home, Atlas Glass and Mirror is the place to contact! We specialize in installing a variety of glass products on your home and business. To reap all of the benefits of a patio, click here to request a quote with us!

Broken glass against a black background.

How To Safely Clean Broken Glass

Glass products can be a blessing for your home or business. They can set the stage for your customers when they walk in, give your room a rich and inviting feel, and even help conserve energy in your home! The one downside to a lot of glass products is that they can be fragile. If you’ve ever owned a mirror or another glass product, there’s a chance you’ve had to deal with broken glass before. It can be tricky to clean it and dispose of it safely, so how can you ensure that you’re doing the right thing? We give you some helpful broken glass tips below!

Always Wear Gloves

Your best defense against the sharpness of broken glass is to always wear protective gloves when you’re cleaning it up. The reason for this is actually not what you think; the biggest pieces of glass will likely be the easiest to clean and pick up, as you’ll be able to figure out where best to grab it. The smaller pieces of glass are far more dangerous. They can easily puncture your skin without you realizing, so it’s important to have that extra layer of protection to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Wrap Your Glass In Cloth

The next steps you should take are to ensure that your broken glass doesn’t interfere with the other items that you’re throwing out. The first thing you should do is to find old cloth, a large stack of paper towels, or another method that can hold your broken glass without it tearing through the boundaries. If you do plan to use paper towels, you’ll need a lot of them to ensure you have a big enough shield around your broken glass. You’ll then be able to move on to the next step!

Put It In a Box and Throw It Out

The cloth or paper towels aren’t the only forms of protection you should be using. On top of it, you’ll want to put everything into an old box before you throw it out. This is because if the glass were to break containment, it could tear through the trash bag and end up all over the bottom of your bin. This can lead to a lot of avoided cuts and bleeding later down the road, so ensure that you take the proper precautions before you dispose of your broken glass.

Glass and Mirror Products At Atlas Glass

Atlas Glass and Mirror provides commercial and residential clients with a wide variety of glass products to improve their establishments, including windows, mirrors, and sneeze guards. To see why our glass products are the most high quality ones available, click here to contact us directly!

A corner of an insulated glass unit, with two panels and the spacer, sitting on a white shelf against a window.

How Does Insulated Glass Work?

When you’re choosing new windows for your home, what qualities come to mind? Quality and clarity are two big must-haves when it comes to your windows. But, did you know that insulation is also a necessary component? Most windows are fitted with insulated glass to help protect your home from the outside elements. It’s definitely a destroyer of high-cost energy bills! But, how exactly does insulated glass work? We give you a crash course below!

What Is Insulated Glass?

Before we can jump into exactly how insulated glass works, it’s important to know what insulated glass is and how it’s made. The technical term for insulated glass is IGU, or insulated glass unit for short. The IGU is made with two different glass panels, with each pane separated by a sealed air space. The space is surrounded by a metal tube called the spacer, which helps to protect the seal underneath from lingering damage. When you combine the components, you have your insulated glass.

How It Works

Insulated glass units usually have a gas between the space, such as argon. These are harmless gasses that are put there to deter any unwanted outside air. The panes work in unison to make it so cold air (or hot air in the summer!) has more obstacles to pass through in order to make its way into your home. The spacer also helps to deter this process. Because it has so many layers to pass through, the unwanted air won’t be able to make it inside. This ensures that your home stays warm during the winter months and cold during the summer. A good rule of thumb when choosing replacement windows is that the bigger the space between the two panes of glass, the more effective the unit is. 

Additional Benefits

The effectiveness of insulated glass can bring more benefits than just regulating temperature! You’ll save a lot of money on your energy bill because you won’t need as much power to cool and heat your home during the respective seasons. The multiple panes of glass in an insulated glass unit also help to muffle outside noise and keep your home quieter.

Glass Products and Windows at Atlas Glass and Mirror

Atlas Glass and Mirror is the best destination for all things glass – including insulated glass! We’re happy to install insulated glass windows on your home or business, whether they be skylights, sunrooms or regular windows. You’ll receive the most benefits that an insulated glass unit can offer while saving money in the process. To get all of these perks for yourself, click here to contact us directly!

A rectangular mirror with a white frame that is covered in broken shards of glass. In the reflection, you can see a blue sky and clouds.

Reasons To Replace A Mirror

Like many of the other glass products you’ll use in everyday life, your mirrors aren’t meant to last forever. Usually, the main reason to replace a mirror is it being broken or cracked. But, did you know that there are early warning signs that you should notice before it gets to that point? Catching a faulty mirror before the cracks happen will save you a lot of hassle in the long run. So, how can you recognize the signs of needing to replace a mirror? We break it down for you below!

Your Surroundings Look Distorted

As glass continues to age, you’ll start to see subtle signs of warping in it. It will make certain things in your surroundings look bigger – or smaller! – than they appear outside of it. You may notice that you start to look skinnier or fatter in the mirror than you actually are. If you’ve started to notice this in your mirror, it’s a sign that the wear and tear it experiences is starting to catch up with it. Get that mirror replaced before it becomes a safety hazard later down the road!

Dark Spots

Dark spots in your mirror can be another telling sign of wear and tear on your mirror. In many cases, these are caused by improper cleaning. You’ll usually see these on the edges of your mirror, and depending on how big they are, could pose a threat to the room it’s in. Most mirrors are made with a layer of metal that helps protect their structural integrity. As this integrity fades, the metal sheet will start to become more noticeable through these dark spots. If you start to see a lot of them, it’s a sign that your mirror should be headed out the door.

The Mirror Is Outdated

Interior design is important, too! If you’ve recently done renovations on your home, you may notice that your current mirror doesn’t match the renovated design. For example, if you’ve been doing renovations on your bathroom to make it modern, your mirror shouldn’t be a vintage one! If you’re looking to sell your home in the coming months, the interior design will help sell your property. Make sure your mirror matches the rest of your room for the highest chances of success. 

Replacement Mirrors With Atlas Glass and Mirror

Atlas Glass and Mirror is the perfect place to turn to for all things glass! We can install custom mirrors, replacement windows, aluminum storefront entryways, and many other glass-related applications. Visit our website to learn about all of the glass we can install for you, and contact us today for a free quote!

A man in a blue baseball cap and white shirt installs a window outside of a beige home.

Questions To Ask Your Window Installer

Before you make any kind of decision in your life, it’s good to know as much as you can about the situation. Otherwise, you risk making an uninformed decision that may not be the best one! There are few processes where this is more important than getting new windows installed on your home. You shouldn’t be using any old window installation company! There’s a few questions you want to ask your installer before you agree to anything to ensure you get the best result. We show you the best questions to ask your window installer below!

Where Can I See Your Past Work?

Perhaps the best confirmation that you’re working with the right glass installation company is getting to see the results of their work first. If you’re working with a reputable glass company, they should have a portfolio of their completed work present for you to view. Ask your contractor if they have one available. If they do, you’ll be able to see for yourself how their work can improve your home. If you don’t like what you see, you can simply move on to the next contractor!

What Types Of Windows Do You Specialize In?

There are plenty of different types of windows that you can get installed on your home. Depending on what room you need your windows replaced in, there are certain types of windows that won’t fit the bill! Ask your window installer what windows they specialize in installing. If you have a specific type of window you’d like installed, this question is even more important. You’ll want to make sure that your window installer can do your job before you sign on!

Who Will Be There During Installation?

At first glance, this question seems a bit unnecessary. The window installers will obviously be there! But, are they going to be the people you set up the appointment with? Some window installation companies have a whole team of workers that they can use for the job, while others choose to work with subcontractors. Before the installation even starts, you should know which workers will be present. After all, they should have the skills and expertise that you were told!

Window Installation With Atlas Glass and Mirror

If you’re looking for a window installation company that checks off all the boxes, there’s no place better to work with than Atlas Glass and Mirror! We specialize in installing a variety of different glass products, including custom mirrors, skylights, and replacement windows. Our team will ensure that the installation is done expertly to improve the quality of your home. To see what we can do for your home, contact us today!

Two men in blue suits carry a window through a concrete room toward an open frame for window installation.

Which Season Is Best For Window Installation?

Getting new windows installed in your home can provide it with a multitude of benefits. You’ll be able to have better insulation, more natural light, and an improved quality of your space! However, in order to get these new benefits, you’ll need to install your windows first. One of the trickiest things about new window installation is figuring out which season would be best to do it in. Each one comes with its own set of challenges – and advantages! We break it down for you below.


As you may have already guessed, the biggest challenge that you’ll find during the winter months is the cold. You’ll be letting a lot of that into your home during the installation process, which can drive up your energy bills if you aren’t careful! However, once the process is done, you’ll notice an immediate difference. You’ll also be able to save on energy for the rest of the season.


In general, the fall and winter months don’t see as heavy of traffic for window installation services. Many contractors will even offer “off-season” deals, so you may end up saving more money if you decide to hold out for the season! You won’t be letting in as much cold to your home, which makes this season more preferable for window installation.


Installing new windows during warmer weather tends to be more popular. After all, you won’t be at risk for driving your energy bill up! However, the same temperature problems that arise during the winter season will be the inverse for the summer. You’ll be warming up your home, which could potentially make the house uncomfortable. However, the installation will be able to get done faster.


If you can get your windows installed during the spring months, do so! Spring is arguably the most preferable season for window installation. It isn’t too hot or too cold, which means that you won’t experience much hassle during the process. However, the spring months tend to be riper for rain and inclement weather, which could delay your project. If all goes well, though, you’ll be able to get the installation done quickly.

Window Installation With Atlas Glass and Mirror

Regardless of what season you choose to install your windows, there’s no better company to work with than Atlas Glass and Mirror! We specialize in installation and replacement of a variety of glass products, including your home’s windows. Our expert installations will help your home receive all of the benefits new windows can offer. There’s only one way to get these perks for yourself; contact us today for a free quote!

A white bathroom countertop with a mirror, sink, bottle of soap and towels from left to right.

Best Rooms In Your Home For Mirror Installation

Take a look at the rooms in your house right now. What similarities and differences can you note? We bet that there’s one similarity that you can note; some of the rooms have mirrors in them! You can see mirrors practically everywhere you go. They’re a great addition to your home and can provide you with a host of benefits. But, what rooms in your home would benefit the most from mirror installation? We break down the best ways to use them below!

Home Gym

When you go to a public gym, there’s a good chance that there’s a big mirror at one end of the gym. Believe it or not, this mirror does have a purpose! It’s there to help people see their technique and find ways to improve upon it. It can also help them keep their form throughout the duration of their exercise. If you have a home gym, it can help you accomplish the same thing! It’s useful for improving your technique and decreasing your risk for potential injury.


Out of all of the areas of your home, the bathroom is possibly the most common area to find a mirror in. And for good reason too; the bathroom is generally the place where everyone gets ready in the morning! People use the bathroom mirror to brush their teeth, style their hair, shave their beards, and put on makeup. By installing a mirror in your bathroom, you’ll have a convenient place to do those very things. If you haven’t installed a mirror here already, you’ll thank us later!


While it’s a less common area to place a mirror, you’ll still reap good benefits from having one in your bedroom. Generally, your bedroom will be the place you go to get dressed to start your day. In order to make sure that your appearance is at its best, you’ll need to take a look at yourself before you leave! A mirror in the bedroom can be a great place to do that check. It may be helpful to get a full length mirror installed so you can catch any wardrobe issues before they become a problem.

Mirror Installation With Atlas Glass and Mirror

Looking to get any kind of glass application installed? There’s no better place to work with than Atlas Glass and Mirror! Our team is expertly trained in installing and replacing a variety of glass products, from mirrors and windows to storefront entrances and display cases. If you’re looking for master quality mirror installation, contact us today for a free quote!

A woman in a blue top and yellow gloves smiles as she wipes a blue cloth on a window to clean it.

Tips For Cleaning Your Windows

You should always be cleaning your home to ensure that its health stays intact. This includes cleaning all of your furniture, but also the places you wouldn’t normally think of! One of the areas that most often gets overlooked in home cleaning is your windows. However, your windows are still important to keep clean! It can be tricky to find the best ways of doing so without leaving streaks and smudge marks behind. We’ve assembled the best tips for cleaning your windows below so you can avoid these issues!

Be Mindful Of Cleaning Products

You shouldn’t be using any old cleaning products when cleaning your windows! The solution you’ll need to flawlessly do so is more specifically tailored to glass. Other cleaning solutions will leave unsightly streaks and smudges on your windows that don’t easily come out. There are plenty of store-bought solutions that you can use. If you want to make your own, you’ll just need to use water and vinegar. It’s an effective DIY solution, but as long as you’re using one of the two options you should be in the clear.

Be Mindful Of Your Cloth

When you go to apply the cleaning solution to your windows, you’ll also need something to spread the formula to the full surface. You shouldn’t just grab any old cloth or towel for this purpose. You can probably guess why; it can leave streaks and smudge marks on your windows! The best thing you can use for this is a microfiber cloth. These are not only absorbent, but they won’t leave a mark on your windows. You can also wash these cloths for later use, so it’s a cheaper solution too!

Dust Your Windows First

Before you even start cleaning your windows, did you dust the window frames? If not, you may have to do the whole job over again! Window frames can collect dirt and dust, which can be harmful to your home’s health if you let it accumulate too much! If you wait until after cleaning to do this, the dust and dirt can stick to your windows and ruin the effort you put in. Make sure you dust before you apply any cleaning solution.

Glass Installation At Atlas Glass And Mirror

If you have a glass product you need installed, Atlas Glass and Mirror are the right team for the job! We specialize in replacing and installing a number of glass products for you, including windows, mirrors, shower enclosures, and even glass tabletops. To see how our glass can transform the quality of your home or business, contact us today!

Several sheets of insulated glass are stacked on top of each other on a black surface.

Why Fall Is The Best Time To Install Insulated Glass

If you’re a homeowner, there’s no doubt that you know the benefits of strong insulation in your home. Of course, the insulation on your home isn’t invincible! Replacing your windows can serve as a huge help to improving it. However, you shouldn’t just place any old windows into your home. Insulated glass boasts superior insulation, and can help you save a lot of money on your energy bills! But, when is the best time to install insulated glass windows? It’s actually the fall season. We explain why this is the best season for installing insulated glass windows below!

Less Chance For Weather Delays

Out of the four seasons, it’s hard to make a case for any other season for construction. Fall weather is by far the most predictable and least severe weather, making it ideal for construction projects. It’s ideal for your home, too; you won’t have to worry about water and heat getting trapped in your home during the install process. The weather is cool and mild enough that there should be virtually no problems with the installation.

Maximum Insulation For Winter

If you’re a seasoned homeowner, you know that winter can be the most devastating month for your home’s energy bill. If your windows have poor insulation, those costs will only increase. By installing insulated glass windows during the fall season, you’ll have superior insulation for the winter. This means that it won’t cost as much to warm your home during these months, which can relieve a huge financial strain!

Poses The Least Inconvenience

When you get new windows installed on your home, you’ll be leaving a part of your home exposed to the elements for a while. Depending on what season you install them in, this inconvenience can have varying levels of severity. Summer months are bound to make your home overly hot and winter overly cold! Fall meets it right down the middle, ensuring that there are no severe changes in temperature in your home.

Insulated Glass at Atlas Glass and Mirror

If you’re looking for the experts on glass, look no further than Atlas Glass and Mirror! We can install a wide variety of glass products for our commercial and residential clients. We’ll be able to install anything from a custom glass shower enclosure to a commercial storefront window and everything in between! To see the difference that our superior glass work can make, contact us today!

A tiled bathroom with a bathtub on the right, toilet on the left, and a shower with a custom glass enclosure in the middle.

Things To Consider When Upgrading Your Shower Enclosure

Home remodeling projects can be a lot of fun to take on, but there’s a lot of effort that needs to go into each one. This is especially true if the application involves a lot of glass; for example, custom mirrors! Shower enclosures are no exception to this rule, as there’s a lot that you have to think about before you get one installed. In order to ensure the best functionality and look of your shower enclosure, we’ve assembled the most important things for you to think about first!

Size of the Bathroom

Perhaps the most important thing to think about before getting a shower enclosure installed is the size of your bathroom. This plays a pretty big role in determining what kind of shower enclosures can fit in your bathroom. Certain types of shower enclosures can only fit in so small of a space. Others will sharply limit the amount of space you have in your bathroom! Make sure you get the dimensions of your bathroom before you start shopping.


The next logical step in the process is to ask yourself how you want your shower enclosure to look. Do you want a good level of customization, or are you just looking for the sturdiest possible one? There are certain enclosures that offer more of this customization than others; for example, frameless shower enclosures don’t have a lot of it. It chooses a more minimalist approach, which is perfect for some people. Other enclosures will let you choose from things like design options and color for an added personal touch.

Shelf Life

The sturdiness of each shower enclosure is crucial to take into account before you install one. You obviously want your shower enclosure to last as long as possible, but there are certain ones whose shelf life is shorter than others. This is something that you’ll want to consider towards the end of your search; it’s an important factor to have, but not exactly top priority. It won’t mean anything if you get one with a great shelf life but it doesn’t fit in your bathroom!

Custom Shower Enclosures at Atlas Glass and Mirror

If you’re looking to get a custom shower enclosure installed, there’s no better place to call than Atlas Glass and Mirror! We specialize in installing and replacing a variety of glass products, including windows, doors and mirrors. Our glass is state of the art and will vastly improve the quality of your space. To see what our expert installations can do for you, contact us today!

A green-bordered storefront window with an open sign hanging in the window. The sign is dark green with several patterns above it.

Why Should You Upgrade Your Storefront Windows?

If you own a retail business, there’s a good chance that you have storefront windows at the front of your establishment. They may be one of the last things on your list in terms of importance, but they should actually be higher up than you’d think! There are a lot of things that your storefront windows do for your business that you might not even realize. If you haven’t updated these windows in a long time, it might be time to give them an upgrade! We showcase what up-to-date storefront windows can do for your business.

Heightened Security

One of the biggest things that your storefront windows can do is improve the security of your business. Older glass can be compromised or broken a lot easier than upgraded ones, which will increase the chances of a potential break-in. By upgrading your storefront windows, you’ll be taking a crucial step to upgrading your store’s security. The glass used in our storefront windows is incredibly strong, so you won’t regret making the leap!

Improved Appearance

Whoever said that first impressions are everything definitely had storefront windows in mind! These windows will give people their first impression of your business. If it isn’t attractive, they are far less likely to step through the door! When you install storefront windows with us, we’ll personalize every detail to your business’s needs. Not only will it make your business look more appealing, but it may even increase the number of customers that come in!

New Ways To Advertise

Storefront windows can advertise your business in more ways than one! In addition to giving people a preview of what awaits them inside, you also have the option of including custom window graphics with your storefront windows. These graphics can be completely customized to reflect all that your business has to offer. It’s another way to improve your storefront’s appearance and attract more potential customers.

Window Installation With Atlas Glass and Mirror

Atlas Glass and Mirror is the perfect place to call for all of your glassware needs. We can service commercial and residential clients and install a wide variety of glass products, such as storefront windows, custom mirrors, and even skylights! Our team is expertly trained in these services to ensure that you always receive the best quality products. To reap all of the benefits that our glass installation services have to offer, click here to fill out a contact form!

A blonde girl with a mask goes to pay for an item at a white checkout counter. The woman behind the counter uses a face shield and a mask, and plexiglass separates the two.

The Best Applications for Plexiglass

During the peak of the pandemic, the importance of plexiglass couldn’t be overstated. It’s an essential tool to keep you, your friends and your employees safe! Plexiglass is a plastic-based material that can be used in a wide variety of applications. It’s uses are a lot more plentiful than you might think! If you’re looking to upgrade your home or business and need to figure out what materials to use, we’ve highlighted the best applications for plexiglass below!


While glass tends to be the used material for installing skylights in your home, you can also use plexiglass as an alternative. In fact, plexiglass on your skylights is actually a better option! Plexiglass has the versatility to be installed on any type of roof, while glass is more limited. Plexiglass is also more weather-resistant and has a longer lifespan than traditional glass, meaning your skylights will last longer and your home will be better protected from the elements.

Sneeze Guards

This is an application for plexiglass that has become more popular as COVID continues to spread. In businesses like grocery stores and restaurants, plexiglass boasts superior effectiveness in protecting employees, customers and food from dangerous germs. They’ve also been proven to slow the spread of disease! While it’s probably the most well-known application for plexiglass, it’s importance can’t be understated.

Solar Panels

If your home or business has solar panels on the outside, there’s a pretty good chance that they were made with plexiglass! This is because of its improved ability to withstand harsh weather conditions coupled with the fact that most light can still pass through it. It also is more shatter resistant when used in this application. If you’re considering installing solar panels, use plexiglass!

Secure Facilities

Because of the shatter resistance we had mentioned, plexiglass is also the preferred choice for secure facilities where sensitive items or information are being stored. In addition to being light and sturdy, plexiglass is also cost-effective for these measures. It’s easy to install and can be set up pretty much anywhere you need it to.

Plexiglass at Atlas Glass and Mirror

At Atlas Glass and Mirror, your satisfaction is our number one priority. We offer a wide variety of glass related services to commercial and residential clients, including those that are plexiglass related! We bring 5 star service to every job we do, and you’ll notice a significant improvement in the quality of your property by the time we’re done. To get started, fill out a contact form today!

A shot of several vertical sheets of tempered glass in a line. The view of them is from the side.

Benefits of Tempered Glass

When it comes to the glass in your home, it isn’t something you want to replace often! Unfortunately, there will come a time when you have to do so, and you’ll need to think carefully about the type of glass you want. Regardless of what glass structure you’re looking to replace, there’s one type of glass that stands out from the rest. Tempered glass carries a ton of benefits that other types of glass can’t match. See the benefits of tempered glass and how they can improve your home below!

Tempered Glass Is Stronger

A lot of glass products like to claim that they have the strongest glass around. If they use tempered glass in their designs, they’re being serious! Tempered glass is stronger than most other types of glass thanks to the process that is used to make it. It creates a stronger bond between the molecules that make up the glass that gives it its superior strength. It’s strong enough to be used as the primary glass for car windows, windshields, and glass walkways. If you use this on your windows, it will make them much more difficult to break. For this reason, tempered glass can heighten the security of your home!

Tempered Glass Is Heat-Resistant

If you’ve noticed that your home’s energy bill has increased significantly, it may be because your windows have poor insulation. This can cause more heat to enter your home and create a bigger need for air conditioning. If you’re looking for quick ways to save cash, tempered glass is a great solution! They’re a popular choice for windows because of their resistance to heat. The process used to make tempered glass also uses a lot of heat, so the glass builds up a natural resistance to it.

Tempered Glass Is Easy To Clean

In the unlikely event that your tempered glass breaks, the cleanup is a lot less dangerous! While a lot of other types of glass break into a mix of large and small shards, tempered glass will only break into small shards. You’ll be able to sweep them up easily with  minimal risk for cuts.

Install Tempered Glass With Atlas Glass and Mirror

At Atlas Glass and Mirror, we used tempered glass on a wide range of safety glass installation services. We want to ensure that your home and business is as safe as can be, so we only use the best in manufacturing tools to make that happen! We provide a variety of glass and window replacement services across Massachusetts, and our expert team will ensure that the process goes smoothly and efficiently. To give your home and business the strength and security it needs, contact us today for all of your glass-related needs!

A close up of a white, rotting window frame. You can see trees out the corner of the window. Black mold is present underneath the window frame.

When Is It Time To Replace A Window?

Your windows are some of the most important features of your home. They can control the air that comes into your home, protect your interior from water damage, and improve the overall appearance of a room. But the real question is: when is it time for a replacement window? The windows in your home won’t last forever. There are obvious signs of when a window needs to be replaced – cracks in the glass, for example – but sometimes the signs may not be so obvious. We highlight the things you need to look out for when it comes to determining whether or not you need to replace your windows.

Your Energy Bill Has Gone Up Significantly

One of the most telling signs that you need to replace a window is actually something you can’t see! Older windows are not as good at insulating your home. This means that you’ll need to use more heating and cooling power to get your home to a desirable temperature. It definitely comes at a cost! If you’ve noticed that your energy bill has spiked in the last few months, it might be time to replace your windows. It could save you a lot of money in the long run!

You Feel A Draft In The Room

Your windows should be able to properly ventilate a room as well as insulate it. When you enter a room, you shouldn’t feel any breezes or spots of air that aren’t coming from your vents. If this is a problem that you’ve experienced recently, it could be a telling sign that it’s time to replace your windows. The newer your windows are, the less of a problem that they’ll have keeping the outside air where it belongs – outside!

You Have Difficulty Opening, Closing and Locking Them

Three of the most basic functions that a window should be able to perform is the ability to open them, close them, and lock them for added security. This isn’t a process that you should have to force. Doing these things should require minimal effort! If you’re finding that you need to use more of your strength to open and close windows, it might be time to replace them. The inability to lock your windows will significantly harm your home’s security. If you’ve experienced this problem, don’t hesitate to use window replacement services!

Replace Old Windows With Atlas Glass and Mirror

When you replace your windows, you’ll ideally want them to be state of the art. You shouldn’t have to worry about replacing them again for a while! Atlas Glass and Mirror offers supreme window replacement services, with strong technology and effectiveness in every window installed. We offer our services to commercial and residential areas, and will even help you with custom glass projects or mirrors! To learn more about our services and get your windows replaced, contact us today for a free quote.

A view of a skylight window from the inside of a home. A man's hand and arm can be seen turning the handle that opens the window. A blue sky and a few clouds can be seen out of the window.

Benefits of Skylight Installation

There are a ton of different options available if you want to install windows in your home. So, what makes skylights any different? Skylights offer a lot of diverse benefits that you won’t find in most other window selections. These positives make skylights a unique choice for your home. Why should you install skylights in your home? We highlight the best benefits that skylight installation can provide you!

Solar Heating

During the cold winter months, it can be difficult to find ways to warm up your home in a manner that’s cost-effective. This is one of the hidden benefits that skylights can provide. They are actually a great source of solar heating! Solar heating is exactly what it sounds like: the sunlight reflected off of the window is a great source of natural heat. Warming your home with solar energy is a lot more cost effective than turning up the thermostat. You could save yourself a lot of money by getting skylights installed!

Better Ventilation

As good as skylights are at heating your home, they’re also great at cooling it off. Skylights can be opened to allow fresh air to enter your home – and for hot air to leave it! This can be a great addition to a room that’s stuffy, such as a bathroom after a hot shower. As is the case with heating your home, adding this increased ventilation could save you a lot of money on your energy bill. If you’re looking for ways to save, a skylight has a lot of potential!

Improve Your Home’s Resale Value

Skylights are a surefire way to increase your home’s resale value. They can make a room look bigger than it is, and add an inviting natural atmosphere to it. The more attractive you can make the rooms in your home look, the easier it will be to sell! The solar heating and ventilation benefits that skylights can provide also help add to this resale value. Chances are, the new homeowners are looking for ways to save money too! Skylight installation can give you a huge return on your investment.

Skylight Installation with Atlas Glass and Mirror

At Atlas Glass and Mirror, we’re the foremost experts on all types of window installation! We’ll work with you to determine the best windows and glass for your home and make sure that they are perfectly installed. We also use insulated glass on all of our skylights to ensure that you receive the most benefits from them! In addition to skylight installation, we also specialize in a number of residential and commercial services. If you want to improve the quality of your home or business, fill out a contact form today for a free quote! 

Three glass sheets stacked on top of each other. Only part of the corners and edges can be seen in the picture.

Types of Custom Glass Edgework

Glass edgework can be a lot more complex than it sounds! With a wide variety of design choices for you to pick from, it can be hard to narrow down what type works best for your home or business. We’ve assembled a guide to the most popular types of custom glass edgework below. Read on to get a better understanding of what other people have used in the past!

Beveled Edge

Glasswork that uses beveled edges takes on a sloped appearance, rather than the square ones that you’ll see on other types. These edges are flattened and grinded out with the end goal in mind of having maximum smoothness. This type of glasswork is often seen on frameless mirrors, which usually have medicine cabinets resting behind them.

Pencil Satin Edge

Pencil satin edges are unique in a variety of ways, all the way down to how they’re created! They utilize a diamond-embedded grinding wheel in order to give them the desired look. Pencil satin edges take on more of a rounded appearance, further complimented by the beautiful shine it gives off. This type of edge is great on a variety of applications, and its rounded shape minimizes the risk of you cutting yourself.

Seamed Edge

Unlike the other glass edgework covered so far, seamed edges aren’t meant for visual display at all! Rather, seamed edges work best on items where the edge won’t be shown or seen. The reason for this is because of the way seamed edges are constructed: by using a sanding belt to remove the sharp edges of glass. The resulting finish isn’t smooth, which is why this type of glasswork is used on items that have a border concealing the edges.

O.G. Edge

O.G. edges are complex in design, but the end result is incredibly appealing! By incorporating a mix of concave and convex curve joining to create an attractive border that joins at the four corners of the glass. The inviting border design that it creates makes O.G. edges a popular choice for items such as tabletops and traditional kitchen designs.

Get Custom Edgework With Atlas Glass and Mirror

All of the custom glass edgework designs mentioned above are designs that Atlas Glass and Mirror is happy to create for you! We offer a variety of glass services for commercial and residential areas. If you have a job involving glass that you need done, chances are it’s a service that we offer! Atlas Glass and Mirror is proud to offer its services to the Metro West region. If you have a glass job that you need done, contact us today for a free quote!

A woman and a man with facemasks on sit opposite each other. A sneeze guard separates the table, and a computer can be seen on the left side with the woman.

The Growing Importance of Sneeze Guards

Did you know that the glass walls surrounding food and other valuable products in stores have a technical name? Appropriately named, sneeze guards do wonders in preventing the spread of germs and bacteria. As our society becomes more health conscious, the importance of having sneeze guards in your business continues to grow. Read up on all of the benefits that sneeze guards have to offer!

They Protect Your Customers and Staff

When you put food or other valuable items on display, chances are a lot of people are going to come into contact with them! Having these items be unprotected means that the bacteria and germs from all of those people are going to accumulate throughout the day. This should go without saying, but the more germs and bacteria, the more risk of transmitting it to coworkers and customers!

Sneeze guards make it so that you can still view a desired item, but sharply reduces the risk of transmission. As the global pandemic rages on, sneeze guards make the process of transactions much safer. They don’t just protect from disease, either; some sneeze guards are designed to be bulletproof, protecting people in case of a violent attack. With sneeze guards, you’ll be able to reduce the risk of harm to your coworkers and customers!

They Can Be Used In A Variety of Settings

Because of the generalized protection that sneeze guards offer, they can be useful in a variety of different industries! Check out some of the most noteworthy uses of sneeze guards:

  • Food Services: The last thing a customer wants is someone else’s germs on their food! Sneeze guards help people see their options without the transmission of germs.
  • Checkout Lanes: This has become an increasingly popular transmission deterrent because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It allows people to checkout without making direct contact with a cashier.
  • Public Transportation: A lot of rideshare services like Uber and Lyft utilize sneeze guards to reduce contact between the driver and passengers.
  • Doctor’s Offices: Sneeze guards are often used in the reception areas of these buildings to reduce the risk of contact between any patients that might be unwell and the receptionists.

Sneeze guards benefit a number of different industries because they can keep those involved at the lowest risk of harm or contracting disease. If you’ve seen more and more of them throughout your daily life, now you know why!

Install Sneeze Guards With Atlas Glass and Mirror

When it comes to glass products and services in Massachusetts, Atlas Glass and Mirror is the top destination! We offer a wide variety of glass and door products to help improve the quality of your home or business – and make it safer! If you have a glass-related project you need completed, we’ll be there with you every step of the way. Contact us today for a free quote on your next project!

A man uses two suction plates to safely install a sheet of glass onto a building.

Tempered Vs. Laminated Safety Glass

Having large windows on your home or business is a great way to improve the visual aesthetics, curb appeal, and overall value of the building. Despite how beautiful glass can look, it does have one major drawback – it breaks. Of course, glass doesn’t just break on its own, but large windows provide an easy access point for people attempting forced entry to get into the building without picking a lock. Tempered and laminated glass are both types of safety glass that have been rising in popularity in recent years as a great alternative to traditional glass, but what are the differences between the two?  

Tempered Glass 

Tempered glass is traditional glass that’s put through a unique manufacturing process that strengthens it from the inside. Heat, high pressure, and chemicals are used to make the glass better at handling internal stress without breaking. Tempered glass isn’t strong enough to withstand a bullet or forceful weapon, but it is significantly stronger than traditional glass and laminated glass. 

Tempered glass is best suited for use on the interior of a building, or on the exterior of a very large building with large windows. Tempered glass is commonly used for shower doors and interior windows in conference or meeting rooms. This glass is more expensive than regular glass, but cheaper than laminated glass. 

Laminated Glass 

Laminated glass is made using layers of regular glass and a layer of resin in between to hold them together. The resin acts as a powerful bonding agent that makes it almost impossible to shatter the glass. While laminated glass isn’t as strong as tempered glass, it is 5 times stronger than traditional glass. When that strength is combined with the resistance to shattering after a hard impact, laminated glass offers great security and protection against potential intruders. 

Laminated glass is better suited for exterior windows that could be broken into, unlike tempered glass that’s used more internally. The layer of resin in laminated glass also provides a lot of design freedom, as certain designs can actually be incorporated into the glass for a better design look. Laminated glass comes with a higher price tag than tempered glass or traditional glass, but you truly are getting what you pay for in quality and life-expectancy of the glass. 

Determine The Right Fit With Atlas Glass and Mirror

At Atlas Glass and Mirror, we have experience with both tempered and laminated glass. Our team can help you determine which type of glass is best for your project to achieve the best price and long-term results. Whether you’re doing a bathroom remodel or want to improve the security of an office building, we’ve got what you need to get the job done. Contact Atlas Glass and Mirror today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our available services!

business windows

The Importance of Storefront Windows

Brick and mortar stores, believe it or not, will return to some degree of normality shortly. With people in the United States getting vaccinated every day, the chances of people wanting to shop inside of stores are increasing exponentially. When this occurs, it’s essential that you have beautiful, new glass showcasing your store’s display. Your windows are the first impression of your brick-and-mortar store and can be the difference in conversions or people who walk by. 

Why Do They Matter?

Your windows are a chance to impress your customer. If you are selling a product, align your products in a stunning display behind your new storefront glass and let customers see your inventory. Customers now appreciate a modern look for a commercial building. What this means is; Natural light and lots of glass. If you can combine these two things, and they usually go hand in hand, you are setting your brick-and-mortar store up for success instantly. Oh, and don’t forget, studies have shown that the more natural light in a work environment, the happier your employees are!  If you are selling products, it’s highly recommended you have storefront glass windows.


Your windows can also be a detriment or a bolster to your security. If you spend cheap on your storefront glass, you will get a drink that’s easy to break, crack, and overall will not have the durability of quality glass. Good storefront windows will scare off any potential thieves and will have your customer’s jaw drop. At Atlas Glass, we provide durable and visually appealing retail store windows for your retail shop. 

Energy Efficiency

If you purchase the right windows and have a good glass installer, your energy bills are going to drop—Energy Efficient storefront windows. Frequently, older storefront windows can cause leaks and drafts, leading to an increase in your account statements. Windows that are energy efficient turn out to be an investment for your finances for these reasons. If you live in a hot area, don’t be afraid to buy double pane storefront windows, which will do a better job saving you money on your bills.

Commercial Windows Installation With Atlas Glass 

At Atlas Glass, we are here to install quality windows into your storefront that will have customers in awe. A good window display can increase your sales dramatically and increase brand recognition among potential consumers. As stores continue to open up, book an appointment with us here or give us a call. Let’s make your dream business together.

aluminum windows

Benefits Of Aluminum Windows

Choosing new replacement windows is a big decision. It’s affecting your finances and property, so you want to make a great decision on the type of window. You want quality and good reviews for who’s installing it.

Aluminum windows are becoming increasingly popular in modern households. They offer an array of benefits that people in 2021 value more than previous years as well. With springtime approaching, now is the best time to learn about aluminum windows to decide if they’re right for your home. 

Long Lifespan

Aluminum windows are excellent if you value durability. Aluminum is a strong material, which results in a durable window that is not prone to expanding or contracting due to the weather. If your home is generally considered large, it’s pretty common to recommend aluminum windows due to their lifespan when customized for larger homes. Withstanding the elements makes a great benefit for aluminum windows. Aluminum metals are a great “bang for your buck” option and provide value.  

Low Maintenance

Like its vinyl counterpart, aluminum windows are easily maintained. Due to its durable material, it’s able to withstand the changing of the elements. This becomes important when you live in Massachusetts, and the weather can change faster than you can imagine. Low maintenance means you’re not only saving money by not having to buy anything, but you’re also saving your time. This becomes important when you are busy and do not have the extra time to worry about your windows. Call, we install, and the rest is history. 

Modern Look 

If your home has a modern look to it – aluminum thin profile windows do an excellent job creating more space when looking at the house, providing an authentic modern look. Slim aluminum windows do a great job at maximizing the light going inside your home while also having customizable sizes if you want the ample, natural light-maximizing windows that many modern homeowners desire. These big windows are bound to lower your electricity costs due to the incredible amounts of sunlight let in. 

Aluminum Window Installment With Atlas Glass

Atlas Glass has been providing sleek, modern-looking aluminum windows to Massachusetts residents for more than 20 years and is always just a phone call away. Interested in installing aluminum windows for your home? Request a quote here, or give us a phone call today, be sure to call soon. Appointments are booked fast, with spring on the horizon.

insulated glass

Reasons You Need Insulated Glass In Your Home

Today, insulated glass has become a more favorable alternative to the regular windows. Workspaces and homes are now featuring the multiple glass window panes instead of the regular single pane. Various constructors are now embracing the idea of double paned, tripled paned, and even quadruple paned windows. These unique set up features a vacuum or gas-filled space enveloped between the panes.

If you are looking to purchase a new window or you’re making renovation plans, this is no doubt one of the best options in the market for windows. Here are some of the benefits of insulated glass windows that make it pretty hard to top!

It Reduces Heat Transfer

The generation and transfer of thermal energy between physical objects is what is known as heat transfer. The extended beam of the sunlight on regular windows can lead to the passage of heat from the window onto different surfaces inside a room or building. The surface includes humans and tables alike.

But with the insulated glass, the transfer of solar heat is reduced by the multiple panes it hits before getting to the surface. This way, you can enjoy natural sunlight without having to enjoy the harshness of sun rays.

It Is Energy Efficient.

Indoor temperature can be largely determined by the kind of windows installed. For instance, single pane windows freely allow the passage of air from one end to another. But on the other hand, it also allows heat in. This can take a great toll on the room temperature, causing you to spend more money installing HVAC systems.

This is eliminated when you install insulated glass. They provide double, triple, or even quadruple protection as the case may be. This acts as a barrier for preventing the passage of heat and airflow. This way, you can easily maintain a regulated room temperature. You can reduce the workload on your cooling systems.

It Provides Added Security

It is very easy to break a single glass pane and get away as quickly. How about two glasses? Or three? Or four? Not as easy!

The structure of the insulated glass provides added security to the home. It is made with highly durable materials, which makes it very difficult for break ins and burglary.

It helps to preserve furniture

It’s not news, direct sunlight is the enemy of sharp looking upholstered furniture. Insulated glass can help reduce the impact of sunlight on your furniture by filtering out the UV light. This way, you can avoid loss of color and material dullness.

It Reduces Sound Infiltration

Lastly, insulated glass reduces the level of sound penetration inside your building. The vacuum between the glass panes can serve as a buffer to reduce the level of noise penetration. On the flip side, sound made inside your building would not go out easily too. This ensures a good level of privacy.

If you are considering installing Insulated Glass into your home, give Atlas Glass a call for consultation and a free quote.

insulated glass

The Benefits of Insulated Glass in the Winter

When the colder weather of winter strikes, few things are better than sitting in a cozy home. To keep you warm and your heating costs low, consider utilizing insulated glass windows and doors for the colder months. Switching from normal glass to insulated glass offers numerous benefits which we’ll provide details on below.

What Is Insulated Glass?

Before we dive into the benefits of insulated glass during the winter, it’s important to understand what this glass is. This type of glass is made from two or more glass panes with spaces in between the panes. These spaces may be filled with inert gases such as argon or krypton. Insulated glass may be used in windows, doors, and skylights.

The Benefits of Insulated Glass

Insulated glass provides numerous benefits during the winter. While the obvious benefit is that it protects your building from the cold, the good news doesn’t stop there. By transitioning to insulated glass, you’ll reduce your bills and make your building a bit more eco-friendly.

Reduced Heat Loss

The main benefit of insulated glass in the winter is reduced heat loss. Heat escapes much less from insulated windows than it does from single-pane windows of a similar size. If you’ve ever sat next to an old window during the winter, you likely know how much colder the edges of your house are due to heat escaping through the glass. With insulated windows, there’s much less heat loss, which means you can sit next to windows and remain cozy and warm.

While it doesn’t benefit you in the winter, insulated glass also prevents heat gain. So when it’s hot outside in the summer, this heat will have a harder time making its way indoors.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Less heat loss means your heating systems won’t have to work as hard to warm up your space. This means that less energy will be required to keep your building at a comfortable temperature. Rather than the heat kicking on every 15 minutes, it may only have to run a few times a day.

Increased energy efficiency helps increase the sustainability of your building.

Lower Utility Bills

Since less energy will be required to keep your building warm, you’ll notice lower utility bills. Depending on your type of heat, you’ll notice lower electric and/or gas bills. Rather than keeping your building at an uncomfortably cool temperature to cut costs, you can install insulated glass and stay warm.

Improved Sound Dampening

Not only does insulated glass keep cold air out, but it also helps to buffer outside noise. Whether you live in a neighborhood with lots of barking dogs or have an office that experiences noise from the local interstate, the insulated glass will tone down the volume of these sounds.

Ask an Expert at Atlas Glass & Mirror

In need of, insulated windows, a new glass shower enclosure or custom vanity mirror for your bathroom? Contact Atlas Glass & Mirror today! We will work with you to create a style that suits both your lifestyle and the aesthetic of your house. We are here to make your vision a reality!

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The Beauty of Custom Mirrors

Mirrors are the most versatile design pieces you can use for commercial or residential buildings. They reflect light, create the illusion of more space, and serve as a functional way for people to check out their appearance. Custom mirrors are one of the few objects that truly beautify your home or office space. They also have additional functionality in rooms such as bathrooms. Mirrors are elegant pieces of furniture, but custom mirrors make rooms so much beautiful.

Five Ways to Use Custom Mirrors

Enlarged Space

Mirrors reflect whatever is in the opposite direction. It is for this reason that interior designers like to use mirrors to make a space feel much larger than it actually is. For instance, you could have a mirror cut, so it spans from the ceiling to the floor. You can have the mirror installed in a way that it reflects a window, hallway, or doorway. You can even place a small piece of furniture in front of the mirror, which would create an illusion that your room is large.

Wardrobe Panels

Custom mirrors are not for walls alone. You can have them fit your wardrobe or closet. It gives the room a luxurious feel while making the room feel large at the same time.

Geometric Shapes

Modern interior design has evolved over the years. You could use custom mirrors to create art on a blank wall. For instance, you could have a series of custom cut mirrors in uniform shapes and hang them on a wall to form a unique pattern or shape.

Stairway Reflection

A common use of a custom mirror is to place it in a way that it would reflect a stairway, give the room an attractive and luxurious feel. You could place the mirror at the bottom of the stairway.

Custom Tabletop

Mirrors do not always have to be placed vertically. You can still make your room beautiful by having a custom table made. Placing the custom table in a place that it would be able to reflect enough would beautify your room.


If you acknowledge the beauty of custom mirrors, you should consider getting one. When you have a space that needs a little something extra, a sprinkle of light, and a nice appearance, consider these uses of a custom mirror in your home or business space.

Ask an Expert at Atlas Glass & Mirror

If you’d like to use insulated glass units for your home or office windows, be sure to contact Atlas Glass & Mirror! We will work with you to create a style that suits both your lifestyle and the aesthetic of your house. We are here to make your vision a reality!

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Choosing The Right Frameless Shower Enclosure

When you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom, you are probably considering various shower options to help you get the most out of your space. While the bathtub/shower/curtain combo might be the most conventional and standard option, there are far better new choices that will add a more refined appearance. Frameless shower enclosures are one of the most popular picks for homeowners looking for a more modern bathroom. Here’s what you need to know about choosing the right frameless shower enclosure.

Framed vs. Frameless

Most conventional glass shower stalls will be framed. These doors usually use a thinner type of glass and depend on the metal frame to provide strength and support. Meanwhile, a frameless enclosure will use tempered and polished glass, usually 3/8″ to ½” thick. Because of the superior glass strength, the metal frame is obsolete.

Benefits of Frameless Shower Enclosures

There are several advantages to choosing frameless options over their framed counterparts. As with everything, the more parts you have to the door, the more things can go wrong. One of the biggest complaints against framed enclosures is that after time, the frames can become loose and wobbly, making the doors harder to open and close properly. Without a frame, the door can swing open freely and close securely. Because of this, the lifespan of a frameless door is much longer than a framed one.

Additionally, frameless doors are more attractive. There is no ugly bulk from the frame, and you don’t have to worry about the metal frame getting dull from water residue or lime buildup. Cleaning a frameless door is much easier, so you can say goodbye to stray hairs, soap scum, and mildew trapped in the crevices of the frame.

Choosing the Right Frameless Option

Because frameless enclosures are such a great option, there’s no way to go wrong when making your selection. However, your specific needs and preferences will need to be taken into account. You will need to choose between 3/8″ and ½” thicknesses, and that choice will largely depend on the size of your shower stall. Thicker glass will be a sturdier choice for a larger shower.

You can also choose between clear glass and frosted or opaque. Opaque is an excellent option if privacy is a concern, while clear and ultra-clear glass will add space and highlight the room’s tiles.

You’ll also want to look for high-quality materials used apart from the glass. Hinges and handles should be suitable metal materials that will stand the test of time and resist corrosion.

Ask an Expert at Atlas Glass & Mirror

If you’d like to use insulated glass units for your home or office windows, be sure to contact Atlas Glass & Mirror! We will work with you to create a style that suits both your lifestyle and the aesthetic of your house. We are here to make your vision a reality!

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insulated glass

Insulated Glass, What is it?

If you’re looking into replacing windows in your home, you’ve likely come across the term “insulated glass” as a good alternative to your current situation. Not sure what insulated glass is or why you should consider it? Continue reading to learn more about why insulated glass might be right for you.

What Is Insulated Glass?

Insulated glass, also called double glazed, is made up of two or more panes of glass fitted within an aluminum spacer to keep the glass apart. Between the panes, inert gases like argon and krypton are pumped in. The gases limit heat transfer, so the heat or cold on either side of the window stays there. Underneath the spacer is usually a type of desiccant like silica gel to remove any moisture and prevent condensation and possibly ice from forming. Sealants are used both inside the window on the spacer and outside of the glass to create a tight seal.

Advantages of Insulated Glass

Without a doubt, insulated glass is a great option for a window replacement, especially if you live in an area that sees extreme temperatures. Here are the top advantages of insulated glass:

  1. Incredible Insulation. Improving the insulation in your home sounds like a big job, but the insulation offered by simply changing your windows is amazing compared to the work needed. You don’t need to tear down walls, replace rolled insulation, or do lots of heavy lifting. Instead, a professional window company can replace your windows quickly and easily.
  2. Increase in Efficiency. If your home is better insulated, you’ll need to run the heat or air conditioning much less often. You’ll be using less energy and spending less on utilities.
  3. Sound Insulation. One of the happy byproducts of insulated glass is that the more layers you have, the better the soundproofing! The gas inside the glass prevents sound from being passed through it, so the noises from outside will stay there and you’ll get a better night’s sleep.
  4. Reduce Direct Sunlight. Insulated glass will reduce the UV rays and direct sunlight that comes in through the windows. This will in turn diminish the fading effects that sunlight has on carpets, photographs, and furniture, meaning your possessions have a longer lifespan.
  5. Increased Security. Windows are often an entry point for break-ins, but with insulated glass, potential intruders will be deterred by the difficulty in breaking through a well-made insulated glass window.

Ask an Expert at Atlas Glass & Mirror

In need of, insulated windows, a new glass shower enclosure or custom vanity mirror for your bathroom? Contact Atlas Glass & Mirror today! We will work with you to create a style that suits both your lifestyle and the aesthetic of your house. We are here to make your vision a reality!

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custom mirror in living room

What Can a Custom Mirror Do for My Home?

When it comes to a home improvement project that can bring change to your home without a high budget, custom mirrors are an excellent option to look into. There are a few simple things you can do to raise the value of your home and bring in the increase in the overall ambiance of the room that you envision. One easy fix lies in the power of a custom mirror. Sound too good to be true? Read on to see just what a custom mirror can do for your home.

Improved Lighting

One element that always lands high on the list of priorities for new home improvements that won’t break your budget, is the presence of light. Ample light, whether from windows or chic fixtures, adds openness and an airy ambiance that feels welcome and homey. The lack thereof can feel gloomy and unhospitable – definitely not how you want potential buyers to feel in your home! A well-placed custom mirror will reflect natural and artificial lighting to help the space feel that much more pleasant.

Enhanced Style

A good custom mirror will often incorporate a stylish frame, whether ornate and classic or something more modern and minimalist, much like a painting. This frame can add personality and style to any room. The bathroom in particular is a prime spot to add a custom mirror.

Increased Room Size

One of the best things about a great mirror is that it can make any room seem larger than it is. It might be an optical illusion but opening up a room has never been easier. The simple reflection of a mirror can make bathrooms, studies, and living spaces feel much larger.

Harness Your Chi

A lot of modern homebuyers consider the ancient concept of Feng Shui when buying a home. This means that the energy, chi (or qi), of a room needs to be just so. A great custom mirror can help you direct that energy positively and help your buyers feel optimistic inside the home.

Added Security

Along with adding a sense of style and openness to a room, mirrors can also bring some functionality to a space in terms of security. A properly placed mirror can help owners see around corners, down hallways, and into other rooms. Whether that means checking in on the kids or making sure no unwanted guests can enter unseen, custom mirrors can bring much-needed security to your home.

Ask an Expert at Atlas Glass & Mirror

If you’re interested in adding a custom mirror to your home contact Atlas Glass & Mirror! We will work with you to create a style that suits both your lifestyle and the aesthetic of your house. We are here to make your vision a reality!

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The Benefits & Types Of Glass Shower Enclosures

When it comes time to remodel a bathroom in your home there are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to the shower enclosure that you opt for. In this blog we are going to explore framed and frameless glass shower enclosures, how each compares in terms of aesthetics and budget!

While each shower enclosure shares similarities, as well as versatility there are also pros and cons to examine!

Framed Glass Shower Enclosures

Framed glass shower doors are built with heavy-duty (often aluminum) frames around the edges of a glass shower enclosure. Framed glass doors can provide a cleaner and more modern look than traditional shower curtains.


  • Frame = Stability
  • Easy Installation
  • Better Seals
  • A limited range of motion
  • Harder to maintain
  • Not As Modern

Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures

Without having to worry about a frame, frameless shower enclosures are great for anyone looking to the ultimate level of flexibility. Frameless shower doors are typically made from tempered glass, that is built to handle wear and tear. Glass shower enclosures tend to have a clean, modern appearance that homeowners appreciate.


  • They are available in plenty of design options:
  • They offer a wide range of motion: 
  • They are easier to maintain: 
  • They emphasize the design features of the rest of your bathroom 
  • Pricier
  • Less Stable 
  • More Involved Installation Process


While both framed and frameless glass shower enclosures provide more natural light, they can create the illusion of more space, reduce the chance of mold growth, and more. Our conclusion is that it really comes down to the design and feel of your bathroom, and which design will fit best!

Ask an Expert at Atlas Glass & Mirror

If you’re interested in adding a glass shower enclosure to your home contact Atlas Glass & Mirror! We will work with you to create a style that suits both your lifestyle and the aesthetic of your house. We are here to make your vision a reality!

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Insulated Glass Can Help Keep Your Home Cool This Summer!

The Summer is an excellent time to start on a home improvement project, and if your windows are on the older side, it couldn’t be a better time than ever. Insulated glass not only helps keep your home warm in the winter, but can also help to cool your home in the summer. Read our blog to learn more how insulated glass can help lower electric costs and reduce cooling loads overall.

Reduced Cooling Loss

Traditional single-paned windows do very little to keep warm air in during the winter and cool air in during summer. In fact, it is about effective as leaving your windows open! Knowing this, it might be time to look into some more energy-efficient options to improve that carbon footprint and lower your cooling loss!

Protect Your Furniture

There is nothing quite like having the sun shining through your window on a lovely summer afternoon, but as wonderful as these rays may be, they can actually cause damage to your furniture over time?

Have you ever left a shirt or hat outside all summer only to realize the color has essentially faded away? Those are UV rays at work! By installing insulated or double-paned windows can help to limit the amount of damaging rays that are allowed through the window into the home. This can help to reduce damage or fading to carpets, curtains and other furniture around your home.

Lower Electric Bills

This goes hand and hand with reducing the cooling needed to keep your home comfortable, but what you may not realize is that by drastically reducing the energy needed to cool your home, you will see a drop in your heating bills, as newer efficient windows will do a better job at climate control in your home.

Types Of Insulated Glass

Did you know: If your current windows are even just 10 years old, they could be using old technology that just doesn’t cut it anymore. The good thing is that you have options! Please view a variety of insulated and multipaned glass options:

  • Double-glazed. These windows are made with two panes of glass with a bit of air in between them. The air acts as a type of barrier to prevent high- or low-temperature air from breaching the glass and entering the home or leaving it.
  • Triple-glazed. These windows are similar to double-glazed except that an extra pane is used. This simply increases the insulation capabilities of the window.
  • Laminated security glass. If security is an issue, choosing laminated security glass will provide you with that little extra bit of peace of mind. It will resist breakage and deter would-be burglars from entering your home.

Ask an Expert at Atlas Glass & Mirror

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How Can A Custom Mirror Improve My Home Or Business?

The Benefits Of Installing A Custom Mirror

Adding a Custom Mirror to your home or business comes with a few added bonuses such as: improving natural light, giving the perception of lengthening walls & adding height to ceilings, as well as making rooms appear more spacious.

Mirrors can change the layout and feel of any room dramatically. by adding mirrors in specific locations, you can alter the feel and size of the room. Mirrors can make any room in your home or business appear significantly more spacious. This same logic can be applied and work out great for hallways: you can add depth and brightness to the hallways by using custom floor-to-ceiling mirrors.

Increased Light: Mirrors will reflect ambient light from any fixtures in your home or by natural light through through windows

Size: Designers will often use mirrors to make rooms appear larger and create the illusion of additional space

Beauty: Mirrors can help to make an elegant statement, which can also become a beautiful focal point in any room

Unlimited Customization: Our trained glass experts can provide in-depth custom mirror ideas for your home or business

Residential Custom Mirrors

A custom mirror can be a wonderful addition to your home. By installing a mirror in your home, you can create a unique space and improve the overall aesthetic of any room or style. Custom mirrors can improve the character to any existing spaces that need revitalizing.

Examples of where you can install a mirror in your home:

  • Wall mirror
  • Bedroom Mirror
  • Bathroom Mirror
  • Mirror Behind Stove
  • Hallway Mirror
  • Closet Door Mirrors
  • Wall to wall mirror for in-home gym or studio

Commercial Custom Mirrors

A custom mirror can be a great addition to any business location that showcases its products, services, and more! A custom mirror is a perfect addition for businesses such as salons, gyms, or barbershops. Installing a custom mirror in your business can help set/improve the mood, vibe, and feel of your workspace.

Below is a list of businesses that can benefit from installing custom mirrors:

  • Ballet Studio
  • Gym or Fitness Center
  • Salon
  • Spa
  • Barbershop
  • Clothing & Retail

Ask an Expert at Atlas Glass & Mirror

If you think custom mirrors would be a great addition to your space, contact Atlas Glass & Mirror today. We will work with you to create a style that suits both your lifestyle and the aesthetic of your house. Whether you are interested in ordering a single mirror or mirrors for every room, we are here to make your vision a reality!

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glass shower enclosure

Tips For Planning a New Glass Shower Enclosure

The new modern glass shower enclosures available are the closest we’ve come so far to the perfect bathroom.  The new frameless designs make the perfect blend of style and function.  If you’re interested in exploring the possibilities, here are a few tips to help in your search.

Where will it go?

Obviously, where the unit will be located is the most important thing to consider.  Will the new unit be replacing an old one?  Will it need to be large enough to replace a bathtub?  Are there any height restrictions?  Many second floor bathrooms these days have vaulted ceilings that could be an obstacle.  Are there any half walls in the way?  Most jetted tubs, which are often present as well, will have some sort of wall, or at least a half wall for the plumbing.  If so, will the door you liked be on the correct side of the unit picked out?  You’ll definitely want to spend a good bit of time on this part.

What do you want It to do?

Today’s new frameless shower designs offer a variety of shapes and sizes to fit nearly anywhere.  The basic idea is to design your floor plan to include 45, 90, or 180 angles only.  There are other shapes available, but they can get very expensive.  Most all of the glass panels and hardware are based around these angles, so sticking with them in the design will make the overall project less costly.  Once you’ve measured for the location and have a floorplan, next you’ll want to know where the existing plumbing is.  Where will the supply fixtures like the knobs, levers, buttons, and sprayers go?  These units will need what’s called a “wet wall” which is builder lingo for a wall that has plumbing pipes in it.  Will the new enclosure be attached to ceramic tile, porcelain, drywall, tile board, etc.?  Your installer will want to know so he or she can allow for the thickness of the surface when measuring.  Lastly, you’ll want to make sure there’s a stud wall to attach the new unit to.  Your installer will check for you.

Design It Just Right

With the myriad of choices available, the design of your new frameless shower will pay dividends for years to come if you do it right.  You certainly don’t want to realize after it’s in that you don’t like the direction the door swings.  Is the new bench you installed on the correct side for leg shaving right-handed?  It seems a little silly, but little things make a difference.  Spend the time now to do your research and you’ll be glad you did.  Happy designing.

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What Are My Design Options for Custom Glass Shower Enclosure in My Bathroom?

A bathroom remodel is an exciting home project, but it can get a little overwhelming at times. From choosing tiles to toilets, there are a lot of decisions to be made. If you’ve decided on a custom glass shower enclosure for your bathroom, you know that there are a lot of different ways you could go about it. It’s hard to know what all the options are to choose from, so we’ve broken it down for you. Keep reading for all your customized options for your brand-new glass shower.

Start Planning

If you know you want a glass shower stall in your new bathroom, you’ll need to communicate this with your contractors and plumbers. This is just to ensure that what you want is a feasible option for your specific bathroom. Once your builders are aware of what you want, they can plan the rest of the area to suit it, including tiles and other fixtures.

When your tiles are in, you’re ready to get started designing your shower. There are three main components that you’ll want to consider when making your choices: framing, glass, and finish. We’ll take a look at each of these now.


There are two main types of glass enclosures for a custom glass shower: frameless and semi-frameless.

  • Frameless enclosures have the least amount of framing possible, using it only around the door and possibly the bottom. They will not have framing on the vertical seams connecting the panels of glass. Frameless is a great option if you want to minimize the amount of steel or aluminum that is visible in the bathroom.
  • Semi-frameless encasements can often have framing around the opening of the shower, but not on the door. The vertical seams between glass panels will have framing.

When choosing between frameless or semi-frameless, you need to decide how much metal you wish to be visible in the bathroom. You’ll also want to consider your budget since semi-frameless enclosures are generally less expensive than the frameless style.


You might not have known, but even the glass can be customized according to your design preferences. Of course, the glass will be customized for size, but you can also choose the type of finish tor temper the glass has, as well.

  • Clear glass is the most popular option for glass showers. The clear style adds sparkle and shine to an airy bathroom and allows visibility.
  • Privacy glass is an option if you’d prefer to limit visibility, such as if you share a bathroom with another person. Rain glass, fluted glass, tempest glass, and silk are all styles of glass that give you more privacy in the shower.
  • Artistic designs can also add some personality and flair to your bathroom. Beveling and etching can be done by a professional to give an even more customized look.


Finally, you’ll need to choose the finish of the hardware you use in your shower. Chrome is the most obvious answer since it is the most common, but that defeats the purpose of a custom shower! Instead, consider richer looks from brushed nickel or antique pewter. Oil-rubbed bronze is a fabulous choice for an elegant shower, and even wrought iron can offer an antique feel and look.

Ask an Expert at Atlas Glass & Mirror

If you’d like to use insulated glass units for your home or office windows, be sure to contact Atlas Glass & Mirror! We will work with you to create a style that suits both your lifestyle and the aesthetic of your house. We are here to make your vision a reality!

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How Insulated Glass Creates Comfort All Year Round

Creating a comfortable home takes a lot of effort and thought. And while you’ve most likely thought about the furnishings and appliances and the color of the walls, have you thought about your windows? Maybe not, but you’re not alone! However, it’s important to know that choosing the right windows can make your home a pleasant place to be in every season. Curious to know how insulated glass creates comfort all year round? Read on for more information.

The Cost of Bad Windows

One of a homeowner’s largest costs for living in their house is the energy bill. And depending on where you live, up to 40% of this bill could be taken over by climate maintenance. Indeed, the heating and cooling of a house can be extremely costly. One of the major reasons for this is that if a house is not insulated properly, heat or cool air can escape outside, leaving the home at the incorrect temperature altogether. And one of the biggest culprits? Bad windows.

A traditional window of a single pane of glass does little to keep warm air in during the winter and cool air in during summer. In fact, it’s almost like leaving your windows open! Knowing this, it might be tempting to board up those windows entirely and be properly insulated. Of course, that means getting rid of sunlight and a view into the backyard, which isn’t really the best decision. So what do you do about bad windows?

Insulated Glass

If you’ve noticed your energy bill going up and up each year or even each season, it might be time to invest in better windows. In fact, if your current windows are even just 10 years old, they could be using old technology that just doesn’t cut it anymore. The good thing is that you have options:

  • Double-glazed. These windows are made with two panes of glass with a bit of air in between them. The air acts as a type of barrier to prevent high- or low-temperature air from breaching the glass and entering the home or leaving it.
  • Triple-glazed. These windows are similar to double-glazed except for an extra pane is used. This simply increases the insulation capabilities of the window.
  • Laminated security glass. If security is an issue, choosing laminated security glass will provide you with that little extra bit of peace of mind. It will resist breakage and deter would-be burglars from entering your home. Additionally, it will block out noise from outside and bring energy efficiency to the home.

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custom mirror in your home

The Benefits of Custom Mirrors

If you are like most homeowners, you are constantly on the hunt for ways to liven up your home and add a touch of your personality. From artwork to fun throw pillows, there is a myriad of ways to introduce life and style to any room. One easy way to liven up your home that many people don’t think of is by adding a custom mirror to the walls of your home. Here are a few reasons why you should consider this option in your home decorating.

Increase the Size of Any Room

A common trick in photography or moviemaking to make a place seem larger is to use mirrors. The mirrors reflect whatever else is in the area, making it seem almost double the size. This same optical illusion can be used in your own home to create the appearance of a larger room. A custom mirror can be created to fit the exact size and shape that you need and can be placed in such a way as to add more depth to your living space.

Better Lighting

Did you know that some ancient civilizations used mirrors to spread sunlight throughout a room? This old trick has great modern applications. If lighting up one of the rooms of your house is proving to be a difficulty, adding a custom mirror could be just the right solution. placing one across from a bright window can help to spread that light throughout the room, giving you better brightness without any added electricity costs.

More Attractive Bathrooms

You can put a mirror anywhere in the home, but you’ll always have a mirror in the bathroom. Unfortunately, most bathroom mirrors are for function only: plain, square things hiding a medicine cabinet. But since this is a place you use each day, a new custom mirror could do wonders for your morning routine. In fact, even if you live in a very old home and don’t want to (or can’t) renovate the entire bathroom, a new mirror and shower curtain could create a brand-new look for your bathroom.

Better Workouts

If you’ve ever attended a workout class, you may have been in a room with floor to ceiling mirrors. From yoga to barre to weightlifting, working out in front of a mirror can help you have the right form and technique for whatever exercise you are doing. Instead of investing in a gym membership, a large custom mirror in your home-gym space could be just the thing you need to get the most out of your workout efforts.

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Benefits of a Custom Glass Shower Enclosure

Your bathroom is a room that you use each day and it should be a space that you enjoy. In fact, it should feel like walking into your own personal spa each morning. Many people neglect their bathrooms because they fear a remodel is too expensive or they just don’t see how they could improve the space. Instead of trying to make traditional pieces fit into your space, why not choose a custom glass shower enclosure that comes with many amazing benefits?

Choose Your Size

Custom glass shower enclosures are customized in multiple ways, including their size. You can tell us exactly how much space you have for the shower and we’ll make a design to fit perfectly. Rather you want a huge spa style shower or a small corner shower, we can create exactly what you need.

Create a Bigger Bathroom

The openness of a glass shower enclosure can provide you with the feel that your bathroom is larger. If you already have a big bathroom, be ready to feel like it’s huge! If you have a smaller bathroom, you’ll be amazed at what the openness and light of a glass shower enclosure can do for the space. Your bathroom will feel fluid rather than a traditional bathroom that feels almost like the additional space stops where the tub or shower begins. Our goal is to bring your glass shower enclosure into the space. The beautiful design will act as an accent piece, style choice, and functional shower all in one! You can also look forward to an improved light flow in the bathroom because of the glass enclosure. This makes morning routines and getting ready a breeze!

Decreased Mold Risk and Easier Cleaning

Glass is much easier to clean than tile or a traditional tub. The glass can be cleaned using a squeegee and the rest of the shower will be easily accessible thanks to the open design. The easier cleaning means less of a risk for mold. Glass shower enclosures dry on their own much more quickly after each use than other surface materials, so mold growth won’t even have time to begin. Glass shower enclosures don’t have any seals either, which is the most commonplace for mold to hide out of sight.

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What Is Insulated Glass?

Insulated Glass

Insulated glass is a popular glass unit to use in structures as it’s durable, comes in many shapes and colors, and is energy-efficient. Because of this, many often look to use insulated glass for their living or working space. Below is more information about insulated glass and the many other benefits it offers.

How is Insulated Glass Made?

To make insulated glass, two thick window panes are placed together, but feature a small air space between them. However, before the panes are secured together, they are covered with a desiccant which helps to absorb any moisture that might sneak into the panes. These window panes are then usually connected with a metal frame to help keep them tight together before they are installed.

The Benefits of Using Insulated Glass

Insulated glass comes with a variety of great benefits.

They Work to Reduce Noise

Because they feature two thick glass panes with a space between them, insulated glass helps to reduce noise outside from coming into a structure as it prevents the noise from passing through. Insulated glass can also be filled with krypton gas to help reduce noise even more.

They are Energy-Efficient

As mentioned above, insulated glass is very energy-efficient. This is due to the glass keeping cool air inside during the summer and hot air inside during the winter. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about using your air conditioner or heater often which can significantly reduce energy costs.

Insulated Glass Is More Secure Compared to Traditional Types of Glass

Single glass panes are typically very easy to break, especially if they are hit with a sharp object. However, because insulated glass features double panes, it’s much harder to damage. This makes it an ideal choice to use if you want something that keeps your home or office safe from potential thieves or harsh weather elements.

Where to Place Insulated Glass

While insulated glass can be placed anywhere, sometimes it works better in certain areas than others. For instance, if you plan to install insulated glass in an area that has a lot of sun exposure, you might need to invest in an insulated glass with extra UV coatings.  Because of this, it’s important to think carefully about where you’d like to install the insulated glass to ensure it works well for your needs.

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What Can I Use A Custom Mirror For?

Custom Mirrors by Atlas Glass

Custom mirrors can be utilized for decorative purposes to add additional flair to a dull or plain room and can be a great addition in and around your home or business for a variety of purposes for both functional and aesthetic purposes.

Custom Mirror Uses & Applications

With a rise in aesthetics and convenience, custom mirrors have seen a significant rise in usage amongst homeowners and business owners alike, for more information on how a custom mirror can brighten your room, home, or business, read on!

Commercial Use:

Adding a custom mirror to your business is a great way to highlight and display your products in a new light, as well as drawing more attention to products, displays and the overall store feel.

Useful examples of custom mirrors in a commercial setting:

  • Mirrors For Dressing Rooms
  • Product Display Cases
  • A Backdrop for Jewelry & other accessories
  • Fitness Club,
  • Gyms
  • Ballet or Dance Studios
  • Barbershops & Salons

Residential Use:

Do you want to make a statement the second your guests walk through your front door? A beautiful custom mirror can be a great addition to any foyer. Custom mirrors are also ideal for brightening smaller rooms and bringing additional light to an area of your home.

Useful examples of custom mirrors in a residential setting:

  • Vanity Bathroom Mirror
  • Elongated Hall Mirror
  • Foyer Mirror
  • Wall Mirror for in-home Studio

Design & Styles

When it comes to custom mirrors, your design options are only limited by 2 things: Space & Imagination!

Types of Edges

Based on your specific design needs, decorative mirrors can be cut with the following angles:

  • Flat Polish Edge
  • Beveled Polish Edge
  • Seamed Edge

Decorative Clips

Decorative clips can be installed on the corners and sides of lightweight mirrors, some individuals opt to include decorative clips to add to the aesthetic. They can be installed as chrome, brass, and brushed nickel.

J-bars & L-Bars

Custom mirrors can be hung in a variety of ways, however, the most common and effective way to support heavier mirrors is through the use of J or L-Bars. These can be installed in chrome, brass, and brushed nickel.

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Custom Mirrors by Atlas Glass

Why a Custom Mirror Is Better Than Store-Bought

Are you making improvements to your home’s interior design, and looking to spice things up with a custom mirror? Great choice! When it comes to interior design, a custom mirror can bring your home to life, more than an ordinary mirror from the store. The thrill of being able to customize a decorative mirror that reflects you and your home will have an immediate impact.

We will tell you four reasons why a custom mirror is better than a store-bought mirror, enticing you to install a custom mirror today!


If you want your room to be more alluring, a custom mirror will do the trick. A custom mirror can highlight the best qualities of a room, such as a bedroom set or antique furniture.

If you have a favorite artifact or painting in your room, the custom mirror can also reflect that piece. A store-bought mirror wouldn’t be able to do that, as the design is limited. However, with a custom mirror, you can choose your design and decoration.

Adds Space

Because a custom mirror is flat on the wall, the reflection of its surroundings allows the room to seem bigger than it is. This deception of more space allows a cluttered room or hallway to appear less enclosed.

Not only will an area appear more spacious, but the decorative design of your custom mirror will stand out.

Makes a Statement

A custom mirror is more than a mirror. It’s a statement piece. Because you’ve chosen the framework, decoration, and design, it will be an eye-candy piece in your home. Also, consider installing a custom mirror to improve the aesthetic of a room, whether it be the living room, bedroom, or bathroom.

Lighten Up!

Did you know that having a brighter room can increase comfort and joy? The light within the room will reflect off of the custom mirror, instantly brightening the room and highlighting its design. To get the best out of a custom mirror’s ability to illuminate a room, install it near a light fixture.

Not only will a custom mirror stand out and improve the interior design of your home, its relatively easy to install by contacting a professional.

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Modern Shower Enclosure

Tips for Choosing the Best Glass Shower Enclosure

A great bathroom really ties together a house. Depending on the size of bathroom you have, you may have the room to really dress up the shower area. In terms of sanitation and aesthetic, a glass shower enclosure can really make the bathroom shine. There are so many options and custom designs to shower enclosures, it can be tough to choose the right one. Between transparency, frameless doors, and total tub enclosures, there are a ton of options to choose from. Make sure to review these tips for choosing the best glass shower enclosure before buying!

Tips for the Best Glass Shower Enclosure

Looking to spruce up the bathroom? Make sure to review these tips for picking out the perfect glass shower enclosure for your bathroom!

Transparency is Key

Any glass is going to offer a clear view in and out of the shower. It keeps the room feeling open instead of closing off a good portion of your bathroom. That being said, newer technologies offer fogless glass for your glass shower enclosure. That means no matter how hot the water is as you wash and rinse, there will be a clear view in and out. In terms of privacy in the bathroom, shared areas might not want that transparency. However, the look of a fogless glass shower enclosure is truly remarkable and keeps the glass clean from fog and other water-related evaporative substances.

Framed or Frameless?

Framed and frameless glass shower enclosure are available depending on your preferences. A frameless design is wonderful for a clean, seamless connection between the glass and your shower. A frame, on the other hand, really defines the glass and makes it almost looks like a window. There’s no right answer to what to choose, just think about what you’d like best!

Sliding Versus Pivoting Doors

Depending on your use, glass shower enclosures offer two main functionalities. First and foremost, many opt for the pivoting door. It opens just like a normal door and often locks into place once closed to ensure water stays inside the shower. Older designs of glass shower enclosures and some new ones opt for the sliding door design. This works like a glass door to a backyard and ensures an easy in and out during a shower. Like the framed door debate, it’s up to you what you love best!

Needing a new glass shower enclosure for your bathroom? Reach out to X today to talk models, pricing, and more!

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The Benefits Of Buying Insulated Glass

When it comes time to upgrade your home in an effort to reduce energy costs, replacing your windows is a great place to start!  With so many options and varieties to choose from, (literal) window shopping can take time as you determine which option will benefit your needs and style most. This blog will cover the various benefits that buying Insulated glass can offer your home in terms of savings, comfort, and control.

What is Insulated Glass?

Insulated glass has been utilized by professionals since the early ’60s. This design has grown in popularity over the years as rising energy costs have driven homeowners to take action to reduce their spending when it comes to heating & cooling their homes efficiently. Insulated glass is made up of 2 lites (pieces) of glass separated by a sealed air pocket. Insulated glass can come in multiple designs such as single, and double-paned units. This design is ideal for homeowners as this additional level of protection will help your home retain heat in the winter and reduce heat gain in your home.

Energy Efficiency

If reducing your energy costs and improving your carbon footprint is a goal of 2019, purchasing insulated glass is a proper move to achieving that goal. With the additional layers within the insulated glass, it makes heating and cooling your home more cost effective as it difficult for air to escape from your home and vise-versa. By reducing any loose windows.


Just like any other window style insulated glass can come in a variety of frames, panes, and styles. Residents can order a variety of insulated glass options for bay windows, bow windows, skylights, doors, and more! Consult with a professional to determine the styles that will benefit your home, and what will be most efficient for your needs.

Noise Reduction

While Insulated glass was not designed with noise reduction in mind, the numerous layers of insulation can greatly cut down on any outside noises. This can be ideal if you live on a busy corner or in the city. Reducing any exterior noise will help increase your comfort, and further separate you from the outside elements.

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The Benefits of A Custom Mirror in Your Home

Are you thinking of remodeling a bedroom or bathroom in the near future? If so, this is a perfect opportunity to explore the benefits that a custom mirror can do for your home. A custom mirror is a beautiful addition to your home that can be shaped to any dimension, advancements in technology in the glass making industry have made it so professionals can literally create the mirror of your dreams!

What Is a Custom Mirror?

In the simplest sense, a custom mirror is anything that needs additional work after coming off the production floor. This can relate to the size, shape, edging, or even the color of the glass. Custom mirrors are a wonderful asset to add to any home, whether it is a new mirror for the hallway, entryway, bedroom, bathroom, workout area, or if you are just looking to add an extra personal touch in your home.

Custom Bedroom Mirror

A custom mirror in your bedroom can give you that personal touch you’ve been looking for. With the ability to shape a mirror to any design style, or shape there are unlimited options when it comes to planning the perfect mirror for your bathroom. If you desire something with storage space, or functioning lights, a recessed mirror to go behind your bureau or dresser, it is all a possibility!

Custom Bathroom Mirror

A custom mirror can give your bathroom a truly unique feel. If you’ve always wanted that custom vanity mirror, or if your bathroom has an interesting design when it comes to the corners or edges, this might be something work looking into. These mirrors can be installed to go above a sink, wrapped around walls, and even recessed into the wall to give you additional storage space.

Custom Gym / Ballet Studio Mirrors

Make the most of your in-home gym or ballet studio and add a full wall mirror to ensure that you are getting the most out of your special room. This is especially helpful if you run a small business out of your home. By utilizing a custom mirror in your space, you can give your customers the professional experience all in the comfort of your own home.

Custom Commercial Mirrors

A custom mirror is great for any business owner and even better for a business owner that frequently uses mirrors such as a salon, a gym, or a barbershop. Utilizing custom mirrors allows you to take your creative design to the next level. A custom mirror can help set the overall mood and vibe of your workspace. Create the environment you desire with the ultimate level of creative freedom.

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Repair or Replace Windows?


Deciding whether or not to repair or replace your windows is an important decision to make. Most of the time, the decision isn’t as simple as figuring out if your window is completely destroyed. Often, we have to rely on a number of individualized reasons and priorities that we have. However, there are a few questions you can ask yourself to help you make your decision that will most benefit you or your business.


How old are your windows?


While this seems like a simple question to ask yourself they can have farther reaching implications. For example, were your windows made with lead paint (banned in 1978)? If so, and they are single-pane, you might find yourself in a position where you have to warrant repairing a window that could be releasing toxic paint flakes into your home or business. Naturally, that is not a good option. However, if your windows are much newer and sophisticated your best bet might be to find inserts or additional applications of sealant to make your window more effective at a cheaper price. If you have a historic home the implications are even more complicated. However, if maintaining a certain aesthetic is important consulting with a window contractor would be ideal.


Are there structural issues with your windows?


Sometimes the decision simply comes down to what the actual problem appears to be. For example, if you simply have a crack in your glass there may be a case to be made for keeping your window and simply repairing it. However, if there are structural issues with the window itself you are probably better off simply replacing the window. There is no reason to keep something in your home if its integrity has been compromised.


The best thing to do in any instance is to contact a professional and discuss your concerns with them. After all, they may be trying to sell services but the question is not whether or not you need something done but what is in your best interests between two very distinctive services. However, asking yourself key questions such as the ones above will help you formulate some of your own ideas and better guide your judgment as to your shopping for a good window repairman. Otherwise, you may find yourself not thinking clearly enough about what it is that you need in between all the product names and services available.  

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5 Reasons to Get a Glass Shower Enclosure

If you are thinking about remodeling any of the full bathrooms in your home, you’ve probably found yourself spending a great deal of time researching various features and decorating styles that are popular right now. One look that is popular across the board, from farmhouse chic spaces to ultramodern rooms, is the glass shower enclosure. No longer are homeowners opting for combined showers and tubs with traditional curtains. Instead, standalone glass showers are becoming the norm. Here, you’ll discover five reasons to consider this option for your upcoming renovation.


  1. It adds visual space – One of the biggest reasons to consider a glass shower enclosure is that it will automatically make your bathroom appear larger, no matter how much square footage it actually has. Some people even decide to turn half baths into full ones when they realize how little visual space glass showers take-up!
  2. Your shower can become a design element – Showers that are hidden by curtains and opaque doors tend to drag down the overall interior design of a space. Glass shower enclosures, on the other hand, can become decorating elements in and of themselves. You might, for example, choose to have beautiful European or Moroccan tile installed in the shower, elevating it to become a stunning feature that truly takes your new space to the next level aesthetically.
  3. Your bathroom will feel like a spa – If there’s one thing almost all spas have in common, it is that they are designed with an open, airy feel in mind. Using a glass shower enclosure as part of your renovation will help your space feel more spa-like. Drawing inspiration from high-end spas is particularly popular in master bathrooms, where homeowners want to be able to relax and unwind.
  4. The trend is here to stay – Glass shower enclosures have been popular for a while now and their popularity shows no sign of waning. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the look going out of style in just a few years’ time. Instead, you can trust that your glass shower enclosure will look stylish and attractive for the long haul.
  5. You can enjoy natural light – One issue with closed-off showers is that they tend to be quite dark and generally lack any natural light. By choosing a glass shower enclosure, however, you will ensure that your entire bathroom, even the inside of the shower, is flooded with as much natural light as possible. This is sure to be an instant mood booster, especially in the mornings when you’re trying to get ready for a long day ahead!


If you are interested in having a glass shower enclosure installed in your home in the near future, don’t hesitate to contact Atlas Glass & Mirror to schedule a consultation. One of our expert technicians would love to speak with you about the ideas you have for your bathroom renovation and help you better understand the services we offer.