Benefits of a Custom Glass Shower Enclosure

Your bathroom is a room that you use each day and it should be a space that you enjoy. In fact, it should feel like walking into your own personal spa each morning. Many people neglect their bathrooms because they fear a remodel is too expensive or they just don’t see how they could improve the space. Instead of trying to make traditional pieces fit into your space, why not choose a custom glass shower enclosure that comes with many amazing benefits?

Choose Your Size

Custom glass shower enclosures are customized in multiple ways, including their size. You can tell us exactly how much space you have for the shower and we’ll make a design to fit perfectly. Rather you want a huge spa style shower or a small corner shower, we can create exactly what you need.

Create a Bigger Bathroom

The openness of a glass shower enclosure can provide you with the feel that your bathroom is larger. If you already have a big bathroom, be ready to feel like it’s huge! If you have a smaller bathroom, you’ll be amazed at what the openness and light of a glass shower enclosure can do for the space. Your bathroom will feel fluid rather than a traditional bathroom that feels almost like the additional space stops where the tub or shower begins. Our goal is to bring your glass shower enclosure into the space. The beautiful design will act as an accent piece, style choice, and functional shower all in one! You can also look forward to an improved light flow in the bathroom because of the glass enclosure. This makes morning routines and getting ready a breeze!

Decreased Mold Risk and Easier Cleaning

Glass is much easier to clean than tile or a traditional tub. The glass can be cleaned using a squeegee and the rest of the shower will be easily accessible thanks to the open design. The easier cleaning means less of a risk for mold. Glass shower enclosures dry on their own much more quickly after each use than other surface materials, so mold growth won’t even have time to begin. Glass shower enclosures don’t have any seals either, which is the most commonplace for mold to hide out of sight.

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