Beveled Glass

If you thought that you couldn’t get creative or artistic using glass products, think again! There are a variety of glass products designed for that purpose. Beveled glass products are a classic example of the innovation you can put into a glass framework, but they aren’t just made to look pretty! Read on to learn about what beveled glass can do for your home.

Benefits of Beveled Glass

Part of the vibrance you can get from beveled glass products won’t come from the glass surface at all! However, that’s part of the purpose of its design. When sunlight hits a beveled glass pane, it creates a beautiful prism in the reflection. This prism also alters the colors that this light is observed in, creating beautiful colors and patterns you wouldn’t find on other types of glass. This quality makes beveled glass a popular choice for things like tabletops, windows, and mirrors.

However, being attractive isn’t the only desirable quality of beveled glass! Did you know that it can add a layer of security to your home that other glass can’t? Because the glass is made with the purpose of reflecting light rather than being transparent, you can’t see through beveled glass. This adds a layer of protection and security to your home by making it so others can’t look inside. If you’ve seen entry doors fitted with beveled glass, it’s likely for this purpose! Beveled glass windows can give the same appearance as well.

Why Choose Atlas Glass and Mirror?

In order to get the maximum amount of benefits from the products you’re using, you’ll need to work with a company with extensive experience in all things glass. Atlas Glass and Mirror has years of experience connecting consumers with the glass products they desire. We install our glass carefully and efficiently to ensure that you receive the best rewards from it. If you need beveled glass for your home, click here to request a quote from us and get the best possible options!