Why Should You Replace Your Windows Before Winter?

If you’ve lived in New England for a while, there should be one thing that you’ve taken away from your time here: our winters can get exceptionally cold! Before the winter starts, you should take some precautions around your home to ensure that the inside doesn’t feel the worst of the temperature change. Replacing your […]

How To Prepare Your Windows For Severe Weather

Your windows are far more important to your home than you realize! Not only do they protect your home from the elements of the outside world, but they provide much needed insulation and natural light to the room they’re in. Sometimes, however, the elements of the outside world can be too strong to bear. Strong […]

Tips On Saving Money On Your Energy Bill

As a homeowner, you’re likely very familiar with the fact that your bills can pile up very quickly. Not to mention the fact that these costs can prove to be a major burden! However, there’s actually a lot you can do to reduce these sums from month to month. This is especially true for your […]

Signs Of Needing To Replace A Door

There are a few unfortunate facts that you’ll have to come to terms with when it comes to your home’s furniture. The biggest pill you’ll need to swallow is that it isn’t all meant to last forever! This is especially true when it comes to your windows and doors. When your doors are getting toward […]

Benefits of Commercial Aluminum Windows

The windows you see on your standard office building are far different than those of a regular home. Different buildings mean different regulations, and this is especially true for the commercial buildings that are so commonplace in cities. Windows on these buildings have to be far stronger than their counterparts to account for the added […]

How Is Beveled Glass Made?

When it comes to the glass options that you have for your windows, doors and other products, the possibilities are far and wide. Insulated glass can help protect your home from the harsh weather conditions that New England brings. Fire rated glass can help save your building and your belongings in the event of a […]

How A Patio Can Benefit Your Home

The saying “a man’s home is his castle” doesn’t exist for no reason; your home should be an extension of yourself! There are plenty of ways that you can personalize your home to accomplish this feat: you can add custom furniture to your home, different styles of windows, and repurpose certain rooms to better suit […]

How To Safely Clean Broken Glass

Glass products can be a blessing for your home or business. They can set the stage for your customers when they walk in, give your room a rich and inviting feel, and even help conserve energy in your home! The one downside to a lot of glass products is that they can be fragile. If […]

How Does Insulated Glass Work?

When you’re choosing new windows for your home, what qualities come to mind? Quality and clarity are two big must-haves when it comes to your windows. But, did you know that insulation is also a necessary component? Most windows are fitted with insulated glass to help protect your home from the outside elements. It’s definitely […]

Reasons To Replace A Mirror

Like many of the other glass products you’ll use in everyday life, your mirrors aren’t meant to last forever. Usually, the main reason to replace a mirror is it being broken or cracked. But, did you know that there are early warning signs that you should notice before it gets to that point? Catching a […]

Questions To Ask Your Window Installer

Before you make any kind of decision in your life, it’s good to know as much as you can about the situation. Otherwise, you risk making an uninformed decision that may not be the best one! There are few processes where this is more important than getting new windows installed on your home. You shouldn’t […]

Which Season Is Best For Window Installation?

Getting new windows installed in your home can provide it with a multitude of benefits. You’ll be able to have better insulation, more natural light, and an improved quality of your space! However, in order to get these new benefits, you’ll need to install your windows first. One of the trickiest things about new window […]