Choosing the Right Type of Glass to Use for Your Shower Enclosure

Glass shower enclosures are no longer “just glass”. There is a variety of glass types, colors, and designs. When choosing the right glass door for your shower, there are many different questions you need to answer. How much privacy do you want? What’s your aesthetic preference? Is it important to be easy to clean?

Main Types of Glass

Clear glass – Clear glass has a very minimalist appearance. This allows other features in the bathroom, such as tiles or inlays, stand out.

Frosted glass – Frosted glass shower enclosures have a soft and smooth appearance to enable privacy while also allowing light to enter the shower space. There are many different designs, patterns, and colors that can be created, such as alternating clear glass and frosted glass, or choosing a glass covered in a pattern. Frosted glass is made by acid washing or sandblasting one side of the glass to create a very fine texture. However, acid washed glass is easier to keep clean than sandblasted glass. Sandblasted glass needs to be coated with a clear shield to make the surface unable to hold contaminants.

Rain glass – Like frosted glass, rain glass has a texture on one side, and a smooth surface on the other side. It has beautiful patterns of crystal rain to give it a unique decorative look, while also providing privacy. The pattern runs vertically, creating a falling rain-like appearance. This type of glass is great for concealing water marks and shows less streaking.

Other Types of Glass

Cascade Glass – Cascade glass resembles the look of a flowing waterfall.

Mist Glass – Mist glass is created to look as if it is foggy and covered in tiny drops of moisture. This type of glass provides a lot of privacy because it limits visibility.

Bubble Glass – Bubble glass is created when the molten glass is melting and the gases get trapped inside. It creates air pockets in the glass to create a bubbled look.

Satin Glass – Satin glass is glass that has been chemically treated with hydrofluoric acid or hydrofluoric acid fumes. This type of glass has a satin surface and is perfect when trying to provide privacy.

Reeded Glass – Reeded glass has uniform parallel ridges or channels that are evenly spaced.

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