COVID-19 Update

Employee and customer well-being remains a high priority for Atlas Glass & Mirror. With the coronavirus outbreak, there is a need for some of our products and services for residential and especially for commercial applications. It is important for us to communicate to the general public and businesses that we can help them in some specific ways.

Atlas Glass & Mirror can custom fabricate, supply, and install these shields. Pass-thru drawers are another possible way for essential businesses to transfer small items and payments in a way that limits the contact between customer and employee.

Example: As part of growing measures to prevent the spread of viruses, supermarkets, pharmacies, and other businesses have begun installing Plexiglas or polycarbonate plastic shields in from of checkout counters to protect the cashiers and employees and to establish social distancing. This is an extra step any company can take to supplement the use of masks, hand sanitizer, and gloves among their employees.”

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