Custom Frameless Glass Shower & Tub Enclosures

Interior design in your home can be a more daunting task than you think! You want to make sure that your home is not only an extension of yourself, but has a clean and unique appearance that will wow your guests and improve its functionality. This is important for every area of your home, but the bathroom is often overlooked.

If your bathroom is looking worse for wear and you’re thinking about ways to upgrade it, installing a custom frameless glass shower enclosure can be the fix you need! You’ll be able to improve your bathroom’s functionality while giving it a sleek new design that won’t go unnoticed.

Why Install A Custom Glass Shower or Tub Enclosure?

Installing a shower enclosure won’t always be something you have a big say in. Commercial companies don’t offer the specifications and customization to make shower and tub enclosures the perfect fit for your bathroom. Oftentimes, designs won’t match the specs of your bathroom all the way, which can lead to leaks or gaps in the wall where water can escape. In order to make sure that there aren’t any issues with the way your bathroom functions, the right company will meet with you beforehand to measure out your space and determine the best fit for your bathroom’s needs.

Atlas Glass and Mirror Provides Custom Glass Shower Enclosures To Massachusetts Residents

If you’re looking for the best company for your custom glass shower enclosures, go with the company that specializes in all things glass: Atlas Glass and Mirror! We pride ourselves in our ability to provide Massachusetts residents with the best shower enclosures for their homes. Our glass products come from the country’s leading manufacturers, ensuring that you get the best quality for your bathroom every single time. 

Our custom glass shower enclosures combine form and function to bring your home the best of both worlds. To view our past work and see the results for yourself, click here to view our project gallery!
If your home is in need of a new custom glass shower or tub enclosure, contact Atlas Glass and Mirror today! Click here to fill out our online contact form!