Emergency Glass & Board Up Services

As much as we don’t want them to happen, catastrophic events will sometimes rear their ugly heads in your home or business. Whether they be robberies, severe weather, or extensive building damage, catastrophes can take many forms and become an immediate burden on your establishment. Broken glass can be incredibly dangerous to clean up on your own, and you’ll need to move quickly to ensure that outside debris and weather don’t infiltrate your establishment. 

Atlas Glass and Mirror is happy to provide residents and businesses across Massachusetts with our emergency glass and board up services. Accidents can happen when you least expect them, but our team can ensure minimal property damage and proper protection from the outside world’s harshest elements.

Board Up Services

Need to prepare for a severe storm in the area? Massachusetts is no stranger to inclement weather, and the possibility for tropical storms and hurricanes is still there. We can help secure the windows and glass in your building with our board up services, too! Get the best protection for your home to prevent damage before the storm arrives.

If your building isn’t properly fortified, it will be subject to the elements once the glass breaks. Rain and random debris can damage your building’s foundation and lead to a ton of avoidable repair costs. With our emergency glass and board up services, we can ensure that your building sustains minimal damage. It could be the difference between saving and breaking the bank!
Atlas Glass and Mirror is the best company to call for assistance in all things glass. We can install, replace and repair a variety of glass products, including the glass that’s susceptible to weather damage! To ensure the safety of your building and avoid mountains of repair costs, click here to contact us directly!