Insulated Glass

Q. If I have foggy glass in my windows, sky-lite or patio doors, can that be repaired?

A. No any seal failure will result in a replacement of that product. Once the urethane seal fails and moisture and dirt start to enter the insulated glass unit, there is a desiccant material in the band that will absorb moisture for a period of time. once the desiccant has absorbed all the moisture it can, the unit will start to fog up. There is no way to clean the glass or repair the glass unit. It needs to be replaced.


Q. Can I reuse an old mirror as part of a project where I am purchasing new mirrors?

A. If the old mirrors are to be used side by side with new mirrors it is really not possible to use the old mirror in that case. If the old mirror is next to the new mirror the older mirror will not be as bright as the new mirror. the metal on the back of the mirror deteriorates over time and the sheen becomes more dull. If the mirror is to be used alone than you may be able to use it.

Shower Enclosures

Q. I have hard water and am installing a new shower door. My old door has gotten stain from the water. Is there a way to eliminate the stains on my new door?

A. In the last 5 or 10 years clear glass treatments have been developed which when applied to the glass it greatly reduces the maintenance requirements for the home owner. For a nominal fee we can protect your new glass shower door from any kind of future stains.