Fun Facts about Insulated Glass

Also known as double glazed windows, insulated glass windows lower heat penetration and decrease energy costs.  Along with this, the rooms are exposed to intense sunlight and become much more comfortable.

Insulated glass consists of multiple glass layers, usually two. Generally, insulated glass windows are ordered with “Low E.”  In fact, current building codes require that all new construction of residential property must include Low-E coated glass in all windows. Low-E glass is slightly greenish in color while triple coated glass tint has a more prominent green tone. Low-E also blocks approximately 40-50% of UV light. UV rays can damage drapes, carpet, furniture, upholstery, etc.

Newer, upscale homes with large window opening select a more sophisticated looking Low-E glass.  With the increasing amount of people following green energy saving alternatives, the Low-E insulated glass has significantly grown in popularity. In fact, this type of glass will add long-term value to a homeowner’s property. A number of manufacturers even warranty insulated glass against failure for life!