Glass in Architecture

Glass is now considered to be a commodity in today’s Architecture. It is a major component in the rapidly revolving construction industry and is prevalent in almost all iconic structures all over the world. Glass is a very versatile material to work with in the design perspective. It adds vibrance to a building and bridges the interior to the outside. More than anything else, glass is the most sustainable material to date as it is recyclable and very natural.

A building without glass looks suffocating and dark. Glass enables natural lighting and ventilation, thus, contributing to energy efficiency and healthy circulation of light and air.

It is a medium of transparency which enables commercial spaces appealing to customers, and transmits flow in public spaces while serving its purpose of delineating boundaries at the same time. Glass emits a flare of elegance to any structure because of its delicate nature making it a favorite element in modern design. Stained-glass is a popular decorative fixture in historical structures which actually gives these edifices their character.

Through time, glass manufacturing has also evolved, incorporating safety features and more weather-resistant applications to cater to today’s climate and extreme weather conditions. Glass is also cost-effective and more importantly renewable, thus, it shall exist for centuries to come.

It needs a high level of expertise to deal with glass though. You want to make sure the installation stays intact for a long period of time. Only trust Atlas Glass & Mirror for all your glass-related construction and we guarantee professional and high-quality materials in your reach.