Glass Sneeze Guards

Safety should be a top priority for your business regardless of the industry you’re in. The safety of your customers and employees should always be on your mind! This includes protection from the spreading of disease, germs and bacteria. With how important that protection has become over the last several years, having sneeze guards in your business becomes more of a necessity. For the best protection and highest quality sneeze guards, contact Atlas Glass and Mirror! Check out the benefits that our sneeze guards can offer your business.

Protects Your Employees

Despite the risk for spreading germs and bacteria, the necessity for face-to-face interaction is still vital to many businesses. Our sneeze guards make those face-to-face interactions much safer by providing a barrier between the two parties. Any germs trying to pass between the two sides will be met with an impenetrable wall. Not to mention the fact that sneeze guards can be made of either glass, a highly effective barrier, or polycarbonate plastic, which is basically indestructible! These traits sharply reduce the chances for direct contact and makes business interactions all the more safe!

Allows For Display Viewing

Say you have an item that you want to put out on display. If you make it so everyone can touch it at will, it will rack up enough germs to rival a public door handle! Putting display items behind glass sneeze guards allows your customers to view the item in question without the transmission that comes from repeatedly picking it up. 

Sneeze Guards Are Flexible

Sneeze guards can be used in a wide variety of establishments to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. If you run a business with a public office, sneeze guards will help to make your workplace safer! You’ll have a greater peace of mind to go along with the heightened protocols.
Atlas Glass and Mirror can provide your business with state of the art sneeze guards that perform to perfection and are built to last. To get the best protection for your business, click here to request a quote!