How Can A Custom Mirror Improve My Home Or Business?

The Benefits Of Installing A Custom Mirror

Adding a Custom Mirror to your home or business comes with a few added bonuses such as: improving natural light, giving the perception of lengthening walls & adding height to ceilings, as well as making rooms appear more spacious.

Mirrors can change the layout and feel of any room dramatically. by adding mirrors in specific locations, you can alter the feel and size of the room. Mirrors can make any room in your home or business appear significantly more spacious. This same logic can be applied and work out great for hallways: you can add depth and brightness to the hallways by using custom floor-to-ceiling mirrors.

Increased Light: Mirrors will reflect ambient light from any fixtures in your home or by natural light through through windows

Size: Designers will often use mirrors to make rooms appear larger and create the illusion of additional space

Beauty: Mirrors can help to make an elegant statement, which can also become a beautiful focal point in any room

Unlimited Customization: Our trained glass experts can provide in-depth custom mirror ideas for your home or business

Residential Custom Mirrors

A custom mirror can be a wonderful addition to your home. By installing a mirror in your home, you can create a unique space and improve the overall aesthetic of any room or style. Custom mirrors can improve the character to any existing spaces that need revitalizing.

Examples of where you can install a mirror in your home:

  • Wall mirror
  • Bedroom Mirror
  • Bathroom Mirror
  • Mirror Behind Stove
  • Hallway Mirror
  • Closet Door Mirrors
  • Wall to wall mirror for in-home gym or studio

Commercial Custom Mirrors

A custom mirror can be a great addition to any business location that showcases its products, services, and more! A custom mirror is a perfect addition for businesses such as salons, gyms, or barbershops. Installing a custom mirror in your business can help set/improve the mood, vibe, and feel of your workspace.

Below is a list of businesses that can benefit from installing custom mirrors:

  • Ballet Studio
  • Gym or Fitness Center
  • Salon
  • Spa
  • Barbershop
  • Clothing & Retail

Ask an Expert at Atlas Glass & Mirror

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