How to Cut Your Electric Bill with Replacement Windows

Most people are always trying to find ways to save a little extra money on their monthly utility bills. Whether it be investing in LED light bulbs for the house or even buying large fans, residents are getting creative in the way that they are cutting down on energy costs. While some people opt to do things that require little effort to change in their house, others are making energy efficient upgrades to their homes by way of replacement windows. Just like with your major appliances, there are different types of windows out there which were made to be more energy efficient and save you money on your electric bill. Continue reading to find out how to cut your electric bill with replacement windows.


Replacement windows remove the draft

For anyone who has ever been in an old house, you may have noticed that you get a slight breeze in the cooler months. While it may not seem like a big deal, air leaks can cost you hundreds of dollars in energy costs. Ensuring that the windows are properly sealed will help to cut back on the amount of energy that will be needed to keep the house warm. The same goes for the summer time if it feels warmer in the house.

When you’re looking to get your windows replaced, make sure that you pay close attention to where that extra air is coming from. Those areas will be the top priority that you need to disclose to your window replacement company.


Ask for low-E coatings

As you can imagine, all of the replacement windows are not created equal. While any ENERGY STAR model window will do the trick of saving money, a low-E coating window is considered the top of the line in replacement windows. The beauty of the low-E coating is that they change functions depending on the time of year. In other words, they do an excellent job or either keeping heat in or keeping it out.


Pay attention to U-factors and SHGCs

Without getting too technical, the U-factor refers to the rate that a window conducts heat flow that does not come from the sun. SHGC is how much of the sun’s rays are getting through your window. As a general rule of thumb for those living in climates in which you get all your seasons, look for windows with low U-factors and low SHGCs if you want to maximize your savings.


Atlas Glass & Mirror has helped our customers save up on their utilities over many harsh New England winters, thanks to our high-quality replacement windows. Contact our sales representatives today for a free quote, and we guarantee to find the best solution for you!