How to Make Your Room Look Larger with Mirrors

Being an essential standby element in our bathrooms, the role of mirrors in other rooms is often underrated. There are certain designer tips to placing mirrors, that will boost the sense of space in a room. Placed in a creative way, not only can mirrors expand a tiny room but also create beautiful optical illusions.


To save up space in a bedroom, consider getting mirrored closet doors. Your room will receive much more daylight, especially if the closet is facing the windows. Not only will you be able to check how you look more frequently, your bedroom will instantaneously appear larger. Again, try playing around with different mirror surfaces, such as antique or artistic mirrors of different shapes and sizes.


Mirrors can metamorphize a galley kitchen dramatically. If you install a mirror along one of the walls, space will look significantly more spacious. The same logic can be applied and work out great for hallways: you can add depth and brightness to the hallways by using custom floor-to-ceiling mirrors.


Fitting mirrors into the alcoves can add a shine of elegance and a roomier sense to your home. If you arrange the furniture symmetrically, they will create long reflections in each alcove. This designer trick is sometimes used in upscale retail stores to create a fantasy feel. Depending on the style of the space, you have different choices as it pertains to a mirror’s surface finish.


If you’re weighing out the choices, don’t hesitate to reach out to our professionals at Atlas Glass & Mirror for a consultation. We can recommend and customize a mirror piece that will perfectly fit your space and your wallet.