Questions to Ask When Hiring A Glass Contractor

Whether you’re beginning a home remodel project, a repair project, a mirror installation, or something in between, you’re going to be hiring a glass contractor. A simple Google search for glass contractors in your area will return many results, but how do you know which one to choose? The process can seem overwhelming and frightening. Let’s break it down one question at a time so you know what to ask and how to find the best contractor for the job.

Are they bonded, licensed, and insured?

Finding a contractor that is bonded, licensed, and insured protects you in the case of something going wrong with the work. Don’t just take their word for it though, ask for their policy number and insurance provider. You should call the provider to verify that the coverage is enough to cover any wrong turn that could arise. If they aren’t insured and something arises, that cost is going to fall back on you.

How long have they been in business and have they worked on similar projects?

Everybody starts somewhere, but hiring a newbie for your job is too big of a gamble. Find a company that has been up and running long enough that they’re established in the area. A contractor with an office location is usually more established and experienced, but simply ask as you’re calling various contractors. As well as asking how long they’ve been practicing, ask them what other jobs they’ve done similar to yours. The more experience they have that’s closely related, the better. Experienced contractors allow a project to run more smoothly and without any unexpected bumps along the way.

Can they offer references for past projects?

If a contractor has had positive experiences with their past clients, they should be willing to provide references for that work. If a contractor is wary of giving references, that’s a huge red flag. You want to hire somebody who is confident in their work and what past clients would have to say about it. When contacting these references make sure you’re asking about the professionalism and efficiency of the contractor while they did the work.

Do they offer a warranty?

Not only is it important to know the work will be done well, but it’s important to know that that work is protected for a period of time. Warranties vary in length but make sure it is specified in the contract that you have a warranty for the work, and for how long that warranty applies. A company that offers a good warranty typically will be better at handling any customer complaints as well, which is important moving forward with your project. Remember, regardless of the size of your project, the time it is going to take to be completed, or the cost, a contractor should make you feel comfortable and confident with them before hiring them for the job.

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