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Quincy, MA is a city in Norfolk County that’s located right along the Atlantic coast. Besides being in close proximity to the beautiful beaches of Greater Boston, Quincy is especially noteworthy for its nickname: “The City of Presidents”. It was the birthplace of both the 2nd and 6th presidents of the United States! With a bustling social scene and close proximity to everything there is to do in Boston, it’s a no-brainer as to why Quincy is a popular area to live and work in. Atlas Glass and Mirror understands better than anyone the importance of glass products in residential and commercial establishments, and we’ll connect you with the best products on the market for that purpose!

Our Most Requested Glass Products

Atlas Glass and Mirror can transform your home or business with a variety of glass products that can meet your needs. No matter how big or small the project is, we’ll have the tools and expertise necessary to complete it to perfection! Check out some of the most requested glass products and services that we offer below!

Custom Mirrors for Quincy, MA Residents

Adding a custom mirror to your home can be a unique and decorative piece that impresses your guests and opens up the room that it’s placed in. Homeowners aren’t the only ones that can benefit from these cutting-edge mirrors, however; they have plenty of applications in businesses as well! Dance studios need them so their students can be more in tune with their technique, and barbershops need them to help both the hairdresser and their client feel comfortable with their work. Regardless of what you need a custom mirror for, we can connect you with the best options for your personalized needs!

Custom Glass Shower Enclosures for Quincy, MA Residents

The bathroom is an area of your home that you likely haven’t given much attention to in terms of interior design. Now is the perfect time to give it an upgrade, and a custom glass shower enclosure is the perfect way to do so! Not only will they give your bathroom a sleeker look and feel, but it will make your shower more accessible as well. We can create a custom enclosure that meets your exact specifications!

Glass Products and Services Offered in Quincy, MA

Custom mirrors and glass shower enclosures aren’t the only products that Atlas Glass and Mirror can connect you with! Check out some of the other cutting-edge glass products that we can install for your home or business!

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Atlas Glass and Mirror can bring new life to your home or business with a wide variety of glass products that can improve your space. To reap these benefits in Quincy, MA, click here to contact us directly!