Custom Mirrors

Do you want to make a statement the second your guests walk through your front door? A beautiful custom mirror can be a great addition to any foyer. Custom mirrors are also ideal for brightening smaller rooms and bringing additional light to an area of your home.

Residential Custom Mirror Uses & Applications

With a rise in aesthetics and convenience, custom mirrors have seen a significant rise in usage amongst homeowners and business owners alike, for more information on how a custom mirror can brighten your room, home, or business, read on!

What Is a Custom Mirror?

In the simplest sense, a custom mirror is anything that needs additional work after coming off the production floor. This can relate to the size, shape, edging, or even the color of the glass. Custom mirrors are a wonderful asset to add to any home, whether it is a new mirror for the hallway, entryway, bedroom, bathroom, workout area, or if you are just looking to add an extra personal touch in your home.

Custom Bedroom Mirror

A custom mirror in your bedroom can give you that personal touch you’ve been looking for. With the ability to shape a mirror to any design style, or shape there are unlimited options when it comes to planning the perfect mirror for your bathroom. If you desire something with storage space, or functioning lights, a recessed mirror to go behind your bureau or dresser, it is all a possibility!

Custom Bathroom Mirror

A custom mirror can give your bathroom a truly unique feel. If you’ve always wanted that custom vanity mirror, or if your bathroom has an interesting design when it comes to the corners or edges, this might be something work looking into. These mirrors can be installed to go above a sink, wrapped around walls, and even recessed into the wall to give you additional storage space.

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