Safety Glass

Your home’s windows are designed to be tough. They keep out the harshest of New England’s weather, provide insulation to your home and bring tons of natural light into a room. When it comes to protecting your home from intruders, they can service you well. However, the potential for the glass breaking is still there, so what happens when you want to prioritize security for your windows? If you want to go down this route, safety glass is the best option!

How Does It Work?

Safety glass is made through a process called air quenching, where the glass is rapidly heated and cooled. The result makes the glass four times as strong as that of regular glass windows! It is also highly resistant to shattering, as the glass can bend slightly without breaking. In the event that safety glass does break, however, there is minimal risk for injury. Safety glass also has ideal shattering qualities, breaking into many tiny pieces instead of sharper ones of varying sizes. Safety glass windows also require much less maintenance than regular ones, as they resist your typical stains and smudges easier.

Where To Use It

Safety glass is best utilized in home and automotive applications. Most communities’ building codes require safety glass for windows in stairways and bathrooms. The best use of it security-wise is to fortify your home’s windows, but you can also use safety glass in your car, too! Safety glass is actually the leading type of glass that car windows are made from for the same reasons. The added resistance to breaking and upgraded protection should be a worthwhile investment for your application.

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