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A shot of several vertical sheets of tempered glass in a line. The view of them is from the side.

Benefits of Tempered Glass

When it comes to the glass in your home, it isn’t something you want to replace often! Unfortunately, there will come a time when you have to do so, and you’ll need to think carefully about the type of glass you want. Regardless of what glass structure you’re looking to replace, there’s one type of glass that stands out from the rest. Tempered glass carries a ton of benefits that other types of glass can’t match. See the benefits of tempered glass and how they can improve your home below!

Tempered Glass Is Stronger

A lot of glass products like to claim that they have the strongest glass around. If they use tempered glass in their designs, they’re being serious! Tempered glass is stronger than most other types of glass thanks to the process that is used to make it. It creates a stronger bond between the molecules that make up the glass that gives it its superior strength. It’s strong enough to be used as the primary glass for car windows, windshields, and glass walkways. If you use this on your windows, it will make them much more difficult to break. For this reason, tempered glass can heighten the security of your home!

Tempered Glass Is Heat-Resistant

If you’ve noticed that your home’s energy bill has increased significantly, it may be because your windows have poor insulation. This can cause more heat to enter your home and create a bigger need for air conditioning. If you’re looking for quick ways to save cash, tempered glass is a great solution! They’re a popular choice for windows because of their resistance to heat. The process used to make tempered glass also uses a lot of heat, so the glass builds up a natural resistance to it.

Tempered Glass Is Easy To Clean

In the unlikely event that your tempered glass breaks, the cleanup is a lot less dangerous! While a lot of other types of glass break into a mix of large and small shards, tempered glass will only break into small shards. You’ll be able to sweep them up easily with  minimal risk for cuts.

Install Tempered Glass With Atlas Glass and Mirror

At Atlas Glass and Mirror, we used tempered glass on a wide range of safety glass installation services. We want to ensure that your home and business is as safe as can be, so we only use the best in manufacturing tools to make that happen! We provide a variety of glass and window replacement services across Massachusetts, and our expert team will ensure that the process goes smoothly and efficiently. To give your home and business the strength and security it needs, contact us today for all of your glass-related needs!