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Broken glass against a black background.

How To Safely Clean Broken Glass

Glass products can be a blessing for your home or business. They can set the stage for your customers when they walk in, give your room a rich and inviting feel, and even help conserve energy in your home! The one downside to a lot of glass products is that they can be fragile. If you’ve ever owned a mirror or another glass product, there’s a chance you’ve had to deal with broken glass before. It can be tricky to clean it and dispose of it safely, so how can you ensure that you’re doing the right thing? We give you some helpful broken glass tips below!

Always Wear Gloves

Your best defense against the sharpness of broken glass is to always wear protective gloves when you’re cleaning it up. The reason for this is actually not what you think; the biggest pieces of glass will likely be the easiest to clean and pick up, as you’ll be able to figure out where best to grab it. The smaller pieces of glass are far more dangerous. They can easily puncture your skin without you realizing, so it’s important to have that extra layer of protection to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Wrap Your Glass In Cloth

The next steps you should take are to ensure that your broken glass doesn’t interfere with the other items that you’re throwing out. The first thing you should do is to find old cloth, a large stack of paper towels, or another method that can hold your broken glass without it tearing through the boundaries. If you do plan to use paper towels, you’ll need a lot of them to ensure you have a big enough shield around your broken glass. You’ll then be able to move on to the next step!

Put It In a Box and Throw It Out

The cloth or paper towels aren’t the only forms of protection you should be using. On top of it, you’ll want to put everything into an old box before you throw it out. This is because if the glass were to break containment, it could tear through the trash bag and end up all over the bottom of your bin. This can lead to a lot of avoided cuts and bleeding later down the road, so ensure that you take the proper precautions before you dispose of your broken glass.

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