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Three glass sheets stacked on top of each other. Only part of the corners and edges can be seen in the picture.

Types of Custom Glass Edgework

Glass edgework can be a lot more complex than it sounds! With a wide variety of design choices for you to pick from, it can be hard to narrow down what type works best for your home or business. We’ve assembled a guide to the most popular types of custom glass edgework below. Read on to get a better understanding of what other people have used in the past!

Beveled Edge

Glasswork that uses beveled edges takes on a sloped appearance, rather than the square ones that you’ll see on other types. These edges are flattened and grinded out with the end goal in mind of having maximum smoothness. This type of glasswork is often seen on frameless mirrors, which usually have medicine cabinets resting behind them.

Pencil Satin Edge

Pencil satin edges are unique in a variety of ways, all the way down to how they’re created! They utilize a diamond-embedded grinding wheel in order to give them the desired look. Pencil satin edges take on more of a rounded appearance, further complimented by the beautiful shine it gives off. This type of edge is great on a variety of applications, and its rounded shape minimizes the risk of you cutting yourself.

Seamed Edge

Unlike the other glass edgework covered so far, seamed edges aren’t meant for visual display at all! Rather, seamed edges work best on items where the edge won’t be shown or seen. The reason for this is because of the way seamed edges are constructed: by using a sanding belt to remove the sharp edges of glass. The resulting finish isn’t smooth, which is why this type of glasswork is used on items that have a border concealing the edges.

O.G. Edge

O.G. edges are complex in design, but the end result is incredibly appealing! By incorporating a mix of concave and convex curve joining to create an attractive border that joins at the four corners of the glass. The inviting border design that it creates makes O.G. edges a popular choice for items such as tabletops and traditional kitchen designs.

Get Custom Edgework With Atlas Glass and Mirror

All of the custom glass edgework designs mentioned above are designs that Atlas Glass and Mirror is happy to create for you! We offer a variety of glass services for commercial and residential areas. If you have a job involving glass that you need done, chances are it’s a service that we offer! Atlas Glass and Mirror is proud to offer its services to the Metro West region. If you have a glass job that you need done, contact us today for a free quote!