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A corner of an insulated glass unit, with two panels and the spacer, sitting on a white shelf against a window.

How Does Insulated Glass Work?

When you’re choosing new windows for your home, what qualities come to mind? Quality and clarity are two big must-haves when it comes to your windows. But, did you know that insulation is also a necessary component? Most windows are fitted with insulated glass to help protect your home from the outside elements. It’s definitely a destroyer of high-cost energy bills! But, how exactly does insulated glass work? We give you a crash course below!

What Is Insulated Glass?

Before we can jump into exactly how insulated glass works, it’s important to know what insulated glass is and how it’s made. The technical term for insulated glass is IGU, or insulated glass unit for short. The IGU is made with two different glass panels, with each pane separated by a sealed air space. The space is surrounded by a metal tube called the spacer, which helps to protect the seal underneath from lingering damage. When you combine the components, you have your insulated glass.

How It Works

Insulated glass units usually have a gas between the space, such as argon. These are harmless gasses that are put there to deter any unwanted outside air. The panes work in unison to make it so cold air (or hot air in the summer!) has more obstacles to pass through in order to make its way into your home. The spacer also helps to deter this process. Because it has so many layers to pass through, the unwanted air won’t be able to make it inside. This ensures that your home stays warm during the winter months and cold during the summer. A good rule of thumb when choosing replacement windows is that the bigger the space between the two panes of glass, the more effective the unit is. 

Additional Benefits

The effectiveness of insulated glass can bring more benefits than just regulating temperature! You’ll save a lot of money on your energy bill because you won’t need as much power to cool and heat your home during the respective seasons. The multiple panes of glass in an insulated glass unit also help to muffle outside noise and keep your home quieter.

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