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A close up of a beveled glass pane on an entry door. The final result is a clear, floral-like pattern in the middle.

How Is Beveled Glass Made?

When it comes to the glass options that you have for your windows, doors and other products, the possibilities are far and wide. Insulated glass can help protect your home from the harsh weather conditions that New England brings. Fire rated glass can help save your building and your belongings in the event of a fire. Safety glass can help ensure minimal injury risk in case of it breaking. But, what about beveled glass? Believe it or not, this type of glass wasn’t just designed to look pretty. We go into more detail about beveled glass below!

How Is It Made?

Beveled glass is made in a much different fashion from traditional glass making methods. Instead of using techniques like blowing, casting, and core-forming, beveled glass is usually cut at a sharper angle on a much larger piece of glass. The piece is cut and sanded, meaning that the beveled glass loses its transparent properties. The end result is a solid, frosted piece of glass that can be dyed multiple colors to improve its artistic design. It’s most popular use is on entry doors, but it can also be used on windows too.

What’s The Point?

So, what’s the point of having beveled glass? There are two main reasons why beveled glass is a good option for consumers. The first – and perhaps the most obvious – benefit that you can get from them is increased artistic appeal. Especially on an entry door, appearance matters. It sets the stage for your home! The look and feel of beveled glass can also increase your home’s curb appeal. The other big reason that consumers enjoy beveled glass is because you can’t see through it. It’s another way of adding protection and privacy to your home without actually taking security measures.

Other Benefits

Beveled glass can be designed in a wide variety of ways that bring out the best of its artistic talent. Multiple pieces of glass can be combined to create stunning patterns and shapes, such as roses, a sun, or a grassy meadow. It doesn’t just protect front door security, either; if you have an area of your home where it would be inconvenient for you to place curtains or blinds, beveled glass can act as a makeshift replacement for these things.

Beveled Glass With Atlas Glass and Mirror

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