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A woman and a man with facemasks on sit opposite each other. A sneeze guard separates the table, and a computer can be seen on the left side with the woman.

The Growing Importance of Sneeze Guards

Did you know that the glass walls surrounding food and other valuable products in stores have a technical name? Appropriately named, sneeze guards do wonders in preventing the spread of germs and bacteria. As our society becomes more health conscious, the importance of having sneeze guards in your business continues to grow. Read up on all of the benefits that sneeze guards have to offer!

They Protect Your Customers and Staff

When you put food or other valuable items on display, chances are a lot of people are going to come into contact with them! Having these items be unprotected means that the bacteria and germs from all of those people are going to accumulate throughout the day. This should go without saying, but the more germs and bacteria, the more risk of transmitting it to coworkers and customers!

Sneeze guards make it so that you can still view a desired item, but sharply reduces the risk of transmission. As the global pandemic rages on, sneeze guards make the process of transactions much safer. They don’t just protect from disease, either; some sneeze guards are designed to be bulletproof, protecting people in case of a violent attack. With sneeze guards, you’ll be able to reduce the risk of harm to your coworkers and customers!

They Can Be Used In A Variety of Settings

Because of the generalized protection that sneeze guards offer, they can be useful in a variety of different industries! Check out some of the most noteworthy uses of sneeze guards:

  • Food Services: The last thing a customer wants is someone else’s germs on their food! Sneeze guards help people see their options without the transmission of germs.
  • Checkout Lanes: This has become an increasingly popular transmission deterrent because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It allows people to checkout without making direct contact with a cashier.
  • Public Transportation: A lot of rideshare services like Uber and Lyft utilize sneeze guards to reduce contact between the driver and passengers.
  • Doctor’s Offices: Sneeze guards are often used in the reception areas of these buildings to reduce the risk of contact between any patients that might be unwell and the receptionists.

Sneeze guards benefit a number of different industries because they can keep those involved at the lowest risk of harm or contracting disease. If you’ve seen more and more of them throughout your daily life, now you know why!

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