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Two men in blue suits carry a window through a concrete room toward an open frame for window installation.

Which Season Is Best For Window Installation?

Getting new windows installed in your home can provide it with a multitude of benefits. You’ll be able to have better insulation, more natural light, and an improved quality of your space! However, in order to get these new benefits, you’ll need to install your windows first. One of the trickiest things about new window installation is figuring out which season would be best to do it in. Each one comes with its own set of challenges – and advantages! We break it down for you below.


As you may have already guessed, the biggest challenge that you’ll find during the winter months is the cold. You’ll be letting a lot of that into your home during the installation process, which can drive up your energy bills if you aren’t careful! However, once the process is done, you’ll notice an immediate difference. You’ll also be able to save on energy for the rest of the season.


In general, the fall and winter months don’t see as heavy of traffic for window installation services. Many contractors will even offer “off-season” deals, so you may end up saving more money if you decide to hold out for the season! You won’t be letting in as much cold to your home, which makes this season more preferable for window installation.


Installing new windows during warmer weather tends to be more popular. After all, you won’t be at risk for driving your energy bill up! However, the same temperature problems that arise during the winter season will be the inverse for the summer. You’ll be warming up your home, which could potentially make the house uncomfortable. However, the installation will be able to get done faster.


If you can get your windows installed during the spring months, do so! Spring is arguably the most preferable season for window installation. It isn’t too hot or too cold, which means that you won’t experience much hassle during the process. However, the spring months tend to be riper for rain and inclement weather, which could delay your project. If all goes well, though, you’ll be able to get the installation done quickly.

Window Installation With Atlas Glass and Mirror

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