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A glass window at nighttime with a lightning bolt streaking through the sky. A woman looking out the window is illuminated by the bolt.

How To Prepare Your Windows For Severe Weather

Your windows are far more important to your home than you realize! Not only do they protect your home from the elements of the outside world, but they provide much needed insulation and natural light to the room they’re in. Sometimes, however, the elements of the outside world can be too strong to bear. Strong storms and hurricanes have the potential to compromise the integrity of your windows if you aren’t prepared for them. We show you how to prepare your windows for severe weather below!

Inspect The Seals

Having your home suffer water damage during a severe storm isn’t a problem you want to have happen. It could cost you a fortune to repair, meaning that the best way to avoid water damage costs is to prevent it from happening altogether. If you see severe weather forecasted, the first action you should take is to inspect your window seals. If you find that they’ve been compromised, use caulk to reseal them. The more sturdy your window seals are, the better prepared they’ll be for a major storm.

Install Storm Shutters

Window seals aren’t the only piece of armor that you can fortify your windows with! There are actually other means of protecting your windows that you can use. While you can’t use these as a last minute option, installing storm shutters gives your windows a means of armor that you can’t easily obtain otherwise. These wooden shutters can shield your windows from flying debris and hail that can compromise their integrity. It may take a few weeks to get them installed, so you should consider these sooner rather than later if you want them!

Board Them Up With Plywood

If you’ve just received word of a severe storm on its way and don’t have a lot of time to prepare, the best thing you can do is to board up your windows with plywood. Plywood boards have a similar effect to storm shutters in that they shield your windows from potential debris. They are also far quicker and easier to install than storm shutters, making them useful in a pinch. If you can’t readily get access to plywood, there’s one service that will help you get them in time!

Emergency Glass Board-Up With Atlas Glass and Mirror

Atlas Glass and Mirror can save your windows from damage with our emergency glass board-up services! In the event of a severe storm, we want to make sure that your home is properly protected, which is why we’ll work quickly to make this happen. We also offer replacement windows in the event that they can’t be saved! If you need new windows or just some last-minute protection, click here to contact us directly!