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Tips For Planning a New Glass Shower Enclosure

The new modern glass shower enclosures available are the closest we’ve come so far to the perfect bathroom.  The new frameless designs make the perfect blend of style and function.  If you’re interested in exploring the possibilities, here are a few tips to help in your search.

Where will it go?

Obviously, where the unit will be located is the most important thing to consider.  Will the new unit be replacing an old one?  Will it need to be large enough to replace a bathtub?  Are there any height restrictions?  Many second floor bathrooms these days have vaulted ceilings that could be an obstacle.  Are there any half walls in the way?  Most jetted tubs, which are often present as well, will have some sort of wall, or at least a half wall for the plumbing.  If so, will the door you liked be on the correct side of the unit picked out?  You’ll definitely want to spend a good bit of time on this part.

What do you want It to do?

Today’s new frameless shower designs offer a variety of shapes and sizes to fit nearly anywhere.  The basic idea is to design your floor plan to include 45, 90, or 180 angles only.  There are other shapes available, but they can get very expensive.  Most all of the glass panels and hardware are based around these angles, so sticking with them in the design will make the overall project less costly.  Once you’ve measured for the location and have a floorplan, next you’ll want to know where the existing plumbing is.  Where will the supply fixtures like the knobs, levers, buttons, and sprayers go?  These units will need what’s called a “wet wall” which is builder lingo for a wall that has plumbing pipes in it.  Will the new enclosure be attached to ceramic tile, porcelain, drywall, tile board, etc.?  Your installer will want to know so he or she can allow for the thickness of the surface when measuring.  Lastly, you’ll want to make sure there’s a stud wall to attach the new unit to.  Your installer will check for you.

Design It Just Right

With the myriad of choices available, the design of your new frameless shower will pay dividends for years to come if you do it right.  You certainly don’t want to realize after it’s in that you don’t like the direction the door swings.  Is the new bench you installed on the correct side for leg shaving right-handed?  It seems a little silly, but little things make a difference.  Spend the time now to do your research and you’ll be glad you did.  Happy designing.

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