What Can I Use A Custom Mirror For?

Custom Mirrors by Atlas Glass

Custom mirrors can be utilized for decorative purposes to add additional flair to a dull or plain room and can be a great addition in and around your home or business for a variety of purposes for both functional and aesthetic purposes.

Custom Mirror Uses & Applications

With a rise in aesthetics and convenience, custom mirrors have seen a significant rise in usage amongst homeowners and business owners alike, for more information on how a custom mirror can brighten your room, home, or business, read on!

Commercial Use:

Adding a custom mirror to your business is a great way to highlight and display your products in a new light, as well as drawing more attention to products, displays and the overall store feel.

Useful examples of custom mirrors in a commercial setting:

  • Mirrors For Dressing Rooms
  • Product Display Cases
  • A Backdrop for Jewelry & other accessories
  • Fitness Club,
  • Gyms
  • Ballet or Dance Studios
  • Barbershops & Salons

Residential Use:

Do you want to make a statement the second your guests walk through your front door? A beautiful custom mirror can be a great addition to any foyer. Custom mirrors are also ideal for brightening smaller rooms and bringing additional light to an area of your home.

Useful examples of custom mirrors in a residential setting:

  • Vanity Bathroom Mirror
  • Elongated Hall Mirror
  • Foyer Mirror
  • Wall Mirror for in-home Studio

Design & Styles

When it comes to custom mirrors, your design options are only limited by 2 things: Space & Imagination!

Types of Edges

Based on your specific design needs, decorative mirrors can be cut with the following angles:

  • Flat Polish Edge
  • Beveled Polish Edge
  • Seamed Edge

Decorative Clips

Decorative clips can be installed on the corners and sides of lightweight mirrors, some individuals opt to include decorative clips to add to the aesthetic. They can be installed as chrome, brass, and brushed nickel.

J-bars & L-Bars

Custom mirrors can be hung in a variety of ways, however, the most common and effective way to support heavier mirrors is through the use of J or L-Bars. These can be installed in chrome, brass, and brushed nickel.

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