4 Reasons to Get a Glass Table Top

A glass top can transform any simple table into a beautiful piece of interior. It can fit into every room and work out elegantly with any wood, natural stone or stainless steel construction. Besides, there are several practical benefits of a glass tabletop upgrade.

Old is the New New

Consider getting the tabletops upgraded to glass if your tables’ finishing doesn’t fit the room’s interior. Instead of purchasing a whole new table, this upgrade will save you money for other remodeling ideas. There are plenty of customizable features to create trendy glass tops, such as a variety of shapes, custom hues and artistic designs you might like to choose.

Protecting the Furniture

Classy wooden tables are often designed out of noble hardwoods such as oak, cherry, and cedar. Direct sunlight damages the wood and makes it more susceptible to fading, scratching and staining. A glass top will protect your wooden tables in the long run, in addition to creating a whole new appeal. It will also protect the surface of the finishing from everyday family use.

Easy Care

Unlike wooden or metallic surfaces, non-porous glass tabletops are easy to clean and disinfect – any window cleaning solution or a wet cloth will do the job. Even with the most annoying and hard-to-remove stains like paint, you can use a razor blade or a nail polish remover to effortlessly make the glass top look brand new.

Durability of Glass

We usually install tempered glass for the tabletops as it can withstand some weight and pressure without breaking. Our professional glass experts will be able to choose the most optimal thickness to satisfy your needs. The glass top on a dining table will be a very thick tempered glass while an end table in the living room will look great with the thinner glass.


Replacing your tabletops with glass not only makes them more modern, it can make your tables easier to clean and allow you to enjoy them longer. If you’re looking into a new custom glass tabletop, call Atlas Glass & Mirror at 508-879-6087 or contact online for a free estimate!