The outside of a commercial building with aluminum windows in a line along the frame. You can see a blue sky and clouds next to it.

Benefits of Commercial Aluminum Windows

The windows you see on your standard office building are far different than those of a regular home. Different buildings mean different regulations, and this is especially true for the commercial buildings that are so commonplace in cities. Windows on these buildings have to be far stronger than their counterparts to account for the added pressure, and companies will likely want greater longevity for their windows. Commercial aluminum windows have done a lot to help satisfy these needs; we go over the best benefits they offer below!

Ease of Customization

One of the biggest concerns surrounding residential windows is that they’re very regimented in their design. There isn’t a lot of customization you can do in terms of size and room placement. Commercial aluminum windows differ from this norm by adding a variety of customization options! You can change their size, color, and finish to match the needs of your building. Because of this flexibility, commercial aluminum windows are seen in a variety of applications. Skyscrapers, office buildings and retail establishments are just a few of the buildings that benefit from these windows.

Increased Durability

Other window materials have increased vulnerability when dealing with the elements. Sun, snow and rain will likely cause wear and tear on them, shortening their lifespan. Aluminum windows boast a superior resistance to the elements. It doesn’t expand or contract quickly, meaning that the odds of it warping are far lower. Commercial aluminum windows have the durability to last for upwards of 50 years! This is a trait that’s absolutely necessary when it comes to commercial buildings, as repeated replacements could get costly. For comparison, your standard residential windows last around 15-20.

Easy Maintenance

Because commercial aluminum windows are more durable and strong, they don’t require as much maintenance to stay at peak performance. You should still use best practices when cleaning the glass, such as using glass-friendly window cleaner. However, you won’t need to do it quite as often as you would for residential windows. As long as you stay on top of things every couple of months, your commercial aluminum windows will withstand the test of time. No need to worry about picking up the rag every week!

Commercial Aluminum Windows with Atlas Glass and Mirror

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