What are the Benefits of Glass Shelves?

2015-03-11_1400Glass shelves offer an array of advantages including the ability to manipulate creative lighting effects. Unlike wooden shelves, lighting shines from both above and below while individual spot lighting under the shelves can create a beautiful under lighting effect.

Gentle handling is promoted by glass shelves since people generally perceive them to be as delicate as the items displayed in them. While glass shelves may not be necessary for all storage needs, they offer an alternative to aesthetically plain shelving units. Interior designers are often intrigued by the use of glass shelves as they offer versatility rather than using wood or metal shelves.

While glass shelves seamlessly blend into their environment, they also create an airy feel, reinforce brightness in white rooms and eliminate the heavy feel of a dark room. The best part about glass shelves? They leave ample floor space because they eradicate the need for cupboards or large shelves.

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