Custom Glass Edgework

Glass isn’t just meant to be see-through! There are plenty of ways to make glass look artistic and be better suited for other applications. Having custom glass edgework done on your glass panes can make them look beautiful and affect the functionality and durability of an application. You can also prevent glass chipping and other issues depending on the type you get done. We highlight some of our most common glass edgework requests below!

Beveled Edges

Flat grinding glass edges will result in this type of glass work being done. It doesn’t have the same transparency that traditional beveled glass has, but the big benefit that beveled edges offer is a lack of sharpness. The most noteworthy application for this type of glass edge is use on a frameless mirror.

O.G. Edge

O.G. edges are far more distinctive than other types of glasswork, which also means that it requires more time to get perfect. Glassworkers will need to incorporate a mix of convex and concave joining, which creates a sleek and professional edge that works best in tabletops.

Pencil Polish

Pencil polished edges are more rounded than most other types of edges, but this shape allows the glass to not scrape against any surface it comes into contact with. It helps the glass to fit better within tabletops and other furniture applications.

Flat Polish

The main difference between pencil polished edges and flat polished edges is that flat polished edges are more angled. Flat polished edges have a few more practical uses as well, as they can be used for tabletops, mirrors and other furniture that requires a sharper and more polished appearance.

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