Everybody wants a sparkling clean house most specially glass windows and mirrors. However, almost all commercial cleaning products are chemical-based which may be harmful to your family’s health and the environment. A lot of homemakers look for ways to maintain their household dust-free and eco-friendly at the same time. We’ve tried to select the most common and easiest ways for you to achieve these goals.
Newspapers. Make use of old newspapers as cleaning scrubs. Just dilute the same amount of vinegar to water and spray unto glass surface or mirror. Instead of using cloth, try wiping the liquid off with old newspapers. Don’t worry because they won’t scratch your glass, instead, give off a sparkling finish and less lint to worry about.
Vinegar. Why spend on pungent and toxic chemical-based cleaners when you can simply mix your own less costly solution? Just dilute an equal amount of vinegar with water, fill a sprayer with it and that’s it, your instant glass and mirror cleaning agent!
Lemon. If you’re not a fan of the sour smell of vinegar, you can replace it with lemon instead for a zesty scent. Not only would your glass surfaces be clean, they would smell fresh too!
Microfiber cloth. This is another inexpensive way to clean glass and mirror. Try investing a few dollars on microfiber cloth and you never have to worry about lint anymore as microfibers trap dirt, thus, leaving no trace of lint or dust. The good thing about this is you can simply wash the cloth and reuse it to clean other surfaces like wood.
We at Atlas Glass & Mirror constantly look for ways to help you maintain your homes clean and healthy without having to spend much.