insulated glass

Reasons You Need Insulated Glass In Your Home

Today, insulated glass has become a more favorable alternative to the regular windows. Workspaces and homes are now featuring the multiple glass window panes instead of the regular single pane. Various constructors are now embracing the idea of double paned, tripled paned, and even quadruple paned windows. These unique set up features a vacuum or gas-filled space enveloped between the panes.

If you are looking to purchase a new window or you’re making renovation plans, this is no doubt one of the best options in the market for windows. Here are some of the benefits of insulated glass windows that make it pretty hard to top!

It Reduces Heat Transfer

The generation and transfer of thermal energy between physical objects is what is known as heat transfer. The extended beam of the sunlight on regular windows can lead to the passage of heat from the window onto different surfaces inside a room or building. The surface includes humans and tables alike.

But with the insulated glass, the transfer of solar heat is reduced by the multiple panes it hits before getting to the surface. This way, you can enjoy natural sunlight without having to enjoy the harshness of sun rays.

It Is Energy Efficient.

Indoor temperature can be largely determined by the kind of windows installed. For instance, single pane windows freely allow the passage of air from one end to another. But on the other hand, it also allows heat in. This can take a great toll on the room temperature, causing you to spend more money installing HVAC systems.

This is eliminated when you install insulated glass. They provide double, triple, or even quadruple protection as the case may be. This acts as a barrier for preventing the passage of heat and airflow. This way, you can easily maintain a regulated room temperature. You can reduce the workload on your cooling systems.

It Provides Added Security

It is very easy to break a single glass pane and get away as quickly. How about two glasses? Or three? Or four? Not as easy!

The structure of the insulated glass provides added security to the home. It is made with highly durable materials, which makes it very difficult for break ins and burglary.

It helps to preserve furniture

It’s not news, direct sunlight is the enemy of sharp looking upholstered furniture. Insulated glass can help reduce the impact of sunlight on your furniture by filtering out the UV light. This way, you can avoid loss of color and material dullness.

It Reduces Sound Infiltration

Lastly, insulated glass reduces the level of sound penetration inside your building. The vacuum between the glass panes can serve as a buffer to reduce the level of noise penetration. On the flip side, sound made inside your building would not go out easily too. This ensures a good level of privacy.

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