The Benefits Of Buying Insulated Glass

When it comes time to upgrade your home in an effort to reduce energy costs, replacing your windows is a great place to start!  With so many options and varieties to choose from, (literal) window shopping can take time as you determine which option will benefit your needs and style most. This blog will cover the various benefits that buying Insulated glass can offer your home in terms of savings, comfort, and control.

What is Insulated Glass?

Insulated glass has been utilized by professionals since the early ’60s. This design has grown in popularity over the years as rising energy costs have driven homeowners to take action to reduce their spending when it comes to heating & cooling their homes efficiently. Insulated glass is made up of 2 lites (pieces) of glass separated by a sealed air pocket. Insulated glass can come in multiple designs such as single, and double-paned units. This design is ideal for homeowners as this additional level of protection will help your home retain heat in the winter and reduce heat gain in your home.

Energy Efficiency

If reducing your energy costs and improving your carbon footprint is a goal of 2019, purchasing insulated glass is a proper move to achieving that goal. With the additional layers within the insulated glass, it makes heating and cooling your home more cost effective as it difficult for air to escape from your home and vise-versa. By reducing any loose windows.


Just like any other window style insulated glass can come in a variety of frames, panes, and styles. Residents can order a variety of insulated glass options for bay windows, bow windows, skylights, doors, and more! Consult with a professional to determine the styles that will benefit your home, and what will be most efficient for your needs.

Noise Reduction

While Insulated glass was not designed with noise reduction in mind, the numerous layers of insulation can greatly cut down on any outside noises. This can be ideal if you live on a busy corner or in the city. Reducing any exterior noise will help increase your comfort, and further separate you from the outside elements.

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