The Benefits of Glass Shower Enclosures

When renovating a bathroom, one of the most important aspects regarding the look and feel of the space is going to be the type and shape of the shower nestled in it. A glass shower provides a beautiful appearance to the bathroom and can be molded to fit in even the smallest bathrooms. The right choice of door, wall or enclosure depends on the room’s layout, size and location of certain fixtures such as the sink. Despite the specifics required for the best option, you will still have many available to suit your needs.

In a more compact room with a small shower, a swinging glass door fits perfectly, provided that the layout allows for the door to swing outward rather than into the shower itself. Because you can see through the glass this makes the room seem larger than it actually is. It also provides a more modern look, allowing you to increase the value of your home when selling. Custom handles are available which add a personal touch or help blend into the overall design of the decor present in the room.

If you have a bathtub, a bypass glass sliding door will work better than a swinging door. This option encloses the tub and shower and gets rid of the need for an open space around the tub. Two glass panels are placed on a track on a special type of frame which allows them to slide space open. The enclosure itself is bordered by a thin frame but the glass panels themselves are frameless. This provides a feeling of isolation which pairs well with frosted glass and transforms the enclosed area into a small getaway.

For people that really want to relax, a steam shower is the best option. This adds quite a bit of value to a home since it is a luxurious option, but is very rewarding for the owner. Certain conditions must be met to install this such as humidity resistance, a means of steam control, a full floor to roof enclosure and the actual steam producing showerheads. If you can make these types of changes then it is well worth the investment as the enclosure seals you inside and provides a tremendously soothing experience that you can enjoy daily.

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