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The Benefits of Insulated Glass in the Winter

When the colder weather of winter strikes, few things are better than sitting in a cozy home. To keep you warm and your heating costs low, consider utilizing insulated glass windows and doors for the colder months. Switching from normal glass to insulated glass offers numerous benefits which we’ll provide details on below.

What Is Insulated Glass?

Before we dive into the benefits of insulated glass during the winter, it’s important to understand what this glass is. This type of glass is made from two or more glass panes with spaces in between the panes. These spaces may be filled with inert gases such as argon or krypton. Insulated glass may be used in windows, doors, and skylights.

The Benefits of Insulated Glass

Insulated glass provides numerous benefits during the winter. While the obvious benefit is that it protects your building from the cold, the good news doesn’t stop there. By transitioning to insulated glass, you’ll reduce your bills and make your building a bit more eco-friendly.

Reduced Heat Loss

The main benefit of insulated glass in the winter is reduced heat loss. Heat escapes much less from insulated windows than it does from single-pane windows of a similar size. If you’ve ever sat next to an old window during the winter, you likely know how much colder the edges of your house are due to heat escaping through the glass. With insulated windows, there’s much less heat loss, which means you can sit next to windows and remain cozy and warm.

While it doesn’t benefit you in the winter, insulated glass also prevents heat gain. So when it’s hot outside in the summer, this heat will have a harder time making its way indoors.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Less heat loss means your heating systems won’t have to work as hard to warm up your space. This means that less energy will be required to keep your building at a comfortable temperature. Rather than the heat kicking on every 15 minutes, it may only have to run a few times a day.

Increased energy efficiency helps increase the sustainability of your building.

Lower Utility Bills

Since less energy will be required to keep your building warm, you’ll notice lower utility bills. Depending on your type of heat, you’ll notice lower electric and/or gas bills. Rather than keeping your building at an uncomfortably cool temperature to cut costs, you can install insulated glass and stay warm.

Improved Sound Dampening

Not only does insulated glass keep cold air out, but it also helps to buffer outside noise. Whether you live in a neighborhood with lots of barking dogs or have an office that experiences noise from the local interstate, the insulated glass will tone down the volume of these sounds.

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