business windows

The Importance of Storefront Windows

Brick and mortar stores, believe it or not, will return to some degree of normality shortly. With people in the United States getting vaccinated every day, the chances of people wanting to shop inside of stores are increasing exponentially. When this occurs, it’s essential that you have beautiful, new glass showcasing your store’s display. Your windows are the first impression of your brick-and-mortar store and can be the difference in conversions or people who walk by. 

Why Do They Matter?

Your windows are a chance to impress your customer. If you are selling a product, align your products in a stunning display behind your new storefront glass and let customers see your inventory. Customers now appreciate a modern look for a commercial building. What this means is; Natural light and lots of glass. If you can combine these two things, and they usually go hand in hand, you are setting your brick-and-mortar store up for success instantly. Oh, and don’t forget, studies have shown that the more natural light in a work environment, the happier your employees are!  If you are selling products, it’s highly recommended you have storefront glass windows.


Your windows can also be a detriment or a bolster to your security. If you spend cheap on your storefront glass, you will get a drink that’s easy to break, crack, and overall will not have the durability of quality glass. Good storefront windows will scare off any potential thieves and will have your customer’s jaw drop. At Atlas Glass, we provide durable and visually appealing retail store windows for your retail shop. 

Energy Efficiency

If you purchase the right windows and have a good glass installer, your energy bills are going to drop—Energy Efficient storefront windows. Frequently, older storefront windows can cause leaks and drafts, leading to an increase in your account statements. Windows that are energy efficient turn out to be an investment for your finances for these reasons. If you live in a hot area, don’t be afraid to buy double pane storefront windows, which will do a better job saving you money on your bills.

Commercial Windows Installation With Atlas Glass 

At Atlas Glass, we are here to install quality windows into your storefront that will have customers in awe. A good window display can increase your sales dramatically and increase brand recognition among potential consumers. As stores continue to open up, book an appointment with us here or give us a call. Let’s make your dream business together.