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Tips for Choosing the Best Glass Shower Enclosure

A great bathroom really ties together a house. Depending on the size of bathroom you have, you may have the room to really dress up the shower area. In terms of sanitation and aesthetic, a glass shower enclosure can really make the bathroom shine. There are so many options and custom designs to shower enclosures, it can be tough to choose the right one. Between transparency, frameless doors, and total tub enclosures, there are a ton of options to choose from. Make sure to review these tips for choosing the best glass shower enclosure before buying!

Tips for the Best Glass Shower Enclosure

Looking to spruce up the bathroom? Make sure to review these tips for picking out the perfect glass shower enclosure for your bathroom!

Transparency is Key

Any glass is going to offer a clear view in and out of the shower. It keeps the room feeling open instead of closing off a good portion of your bathroom. That being said, newer technologies offer fogless glass for your glass shower enclosure. That means no matter how hot the water is as you wash and rinse, there will be a clear view in and out. In terms of privacy in the bathroom, shared areas might not want that transparency. However, the look of a fogless glass shower enclosure is truly remarkable and keeps the glass clean from fog and other water-related evaporative substances.

Framed or Frameless?

Framed and frameless glass shower enclosure are available depending on your preferences. A frameless design is wonderful for a clean, seamless connection between the glass and your shower. A frame, on the other hand, really defines the glass and makes it almost looks like a window. There’s no right answer to what to choose, just think about what you’d like best!

Sliding Versus Pivoting Doors

Depending on your use, glass shower enclosures offer two main functionalities. First and foremost, many opt for the pivoting door. It opens just like a normal door and often locks into place once closed to ensure water stays inside the shower. Older designs of glass shower enclosures and some new ones opt for the sliding door design. This works like a glass door to a backyard and ensures an easy in and out during a shower. Like the framed door debate, it’s up to you what you love best!

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