What Are My Design Options for Custom Glass Shower Enclosure in My Bathroom?

A bathroom remodel is an exciting home project, but it can get a little overwhelming at times. From choosing tiles to toilets, there are a lot of decisions to be made. If you’ve decided on a custom glass shower enclosure for your bathroom, you know that there are a lot of different ways you could go about it. It’s hard to know what all the options are to choose from, so we’ve broken it down for you. Keep reading for all your customized options for your brand-new glass shower.

Start Planning

If you know you want a glass shower stall in your new bathroom, you’ll need to communicate this with your contractors and plumbers. This is just to ensure that what you want is a feasible option for your specific bathroom. Once your builders are aware of what you want, they can plan the rest of the area to suit it, including tiles and other fixtures.

When your tiles are in, you’re ready to get started designing your shower. There are three main components that you’ll want to consider when making your choices: framing, glass, and finish. We’ll take a look at each of these now.


There are two main types of glass enclosures for a custom glass shower: frameless and semi-frameless.

  • Frameless enclosures have the least amount of framing possible, using it only around the door and possibly the bottom. They will not have framing on the vertical seams connecting the panels of glass. Frameless is a great option if you want to minimize the amount of steel or aluminum that is visible in the bathroom.
  • Semi-frameless encasements can often have framing around the opening of the shower, but not on the door. The vertical seams between glass panels will have framing.

When choosing between frameless or semi-frameless, you need to decide how much metal you wish to be visible in the bathroom. You’ll also want to consider your budget since semi-frameless enclosures are generally less expensive than the frameless style.


You might not have known, but even the glass can be customized according to your design preferences. Of course, the glass will be customized for size, but you can also choose the type of finish tor temper the glass has, as well.

  • Clear glass is the most popular option for glass showers. The clear style adds sparkle and shine to an airy bathroom and allows visibility.
  • Privacy glass is an option if you’d prefer to limit visibility, such as if you share a bathroom with another person. Rain glass, fluted glass, tempest glass, and silk are all styles of glass that give you more privacy in the shower.
  • Artistic designs can also add some personality and flair to your bathroom. Beveling and etching can be done by a professional to give an even more customized look.


Finally, you’ll need to choose the finish of the hardware you use in your shower. Chrome is the most obvious answer since it is the most common, but that defeats the purpose of a custom shower! Instead, consider richer looks from brushed nickel or antique pewter. Oil-rubbed bronze is a fabulous choice for an elegant shower, and even wrought iron can offer an antique feel and look.

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