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What Can a Custom Mirror Do for My Home?

When it comes to a home improvement project that can bring change to your home without a high budget, custom mirrors are an excellent option to look into. There are a few simple things you can do to raise the value of your home and bring in the increase in the overall ambiance of the room that you envision. One easy fix lies in the power of a custom mirror. Sound too good to be true? Read on to see just what a custom mirror can do for your home.

Improved Lighting

One element that always lands high on the list of priorities for new home improvements that won’t break your budget, is the presence of light. Ample light, whether from windows or chic fixtures, adds openness and an airy ambiance that feels welcome and homey. The lack thereof can feel gloomy and unhospitable – definitely not how you want potential buyers to feel in your home! A well-placed custom mirror will reflect natural and artificial lighting to help the space feel that much more pleasant.

Enhanced Style

A good custom mirror will often incorporate a stylish frame, whether ornate and classic or something more modern and minimalist, much like a painting. This frame can add personality and style to any room. The bathroom in particular is a prime spot to add a custom mirror.

Increased Room Size

One of the best things about a great mirror is that it can make any room seem larger than it is. It might be an optical illusion but opening up a room has never been easier. The simple reflection of a mirror can make bathrooms, studies, and living spaces feel much larger.

Harness Your Chi

A lot of modern homebuyers consider the ancient concept of Feng Shui when buying a home. This means that the energy, chi (or qi), of a room needs to be just so. A great custom mirror can help you direct that energy positively and help your buyers feel optimistic inside the home.

Added Security

Along with adding a sense of style and openness to a room, mirrors can also bring some functionality to a space in terms of security. A properly placed mirror can help owners see around corners, down hallways, and into other rooms. Whether that means checking in on the kids or making sure no unwanted guests can enter unseen, custom mirrors can bring much-needed security to your home.

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