What is a Beveled Mirror?

Beveled MirrorBeveled mirrors are types of mirrors that have edges cut at a certain angle, and are cut to the desired dimensions. Beveled mirrors serve the same purpose as any other mirror, a decorative item that reflects light. However, a beveled edge gives a mirror a more embellished look.

A beveled edge is a sloped edge on a piece of glass or glass mirror. Beveled edges generally can be ¼”, ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1 ¼” or 1 ½” wide, and most commonly are either ½” or 1” wide. Bevels are cut directly onto the surface of the mirror. Another very popular option is beveled strips, which are mounted to the face of a mirror. Bevel strip are generally either 2”, 4” or 6” wide and they generally have ½” wide bevels on two edges. These bevel strips are often referred to as bevel overlays because they are adhered to the surface of a mirror or overlaid on the surface of a mirror. They are most commonly used to create a raised border around the perimeter of the mirror.

beveled strip mirrorModern beveled glass is made by running the glass or mirror on a conveyer belt through the beveling machine, with either a straight edge beveler or a shape beveler. These machines have grinding wheels with varying grits. As the glass moves along thru the machine, the grits become ever finer until the last grinding wheel puts a high polish on the glass.

Beveled mirrors can add a decorative touch to any room in a home. For over 20 years, Atlas Glass and Mirror has been installing beveled mirrors and glass in residential and commercial buildings. Contact us today for all of your beveled mirror and glass needs! (508) 879-6087.