Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Replace Windows

The bitter winter has passed and spring has arrived, and with it, the opportunity to take on home improvement projects. This time around it is replacing windows. Like many home features, windows are not meant to last, and sometimes, there is simply the need or desire to spruce up the home. The spring season is the perfect time to replace windows. There are several benefits to gain, including curb appeal, increased home value, improved insulation and better views.


Curb appeal

Spring is the time to revive, revitalize and make anew. If you have dated and damaged windows that are taking away from the beauty of your home, a replacement is what you need to improve aesthetics and draw attention back to your home. Windows have the ability to give your home a fresh look and make an impression. It is one of the features of a home that can enhance curb appeal and have the neighbors talking.


Increase Home Value

Replacing windows during the spring may be a good move, especially if the home is going on the market. Regardless, it’s a solid investment to make because it can increase the value of your home. Such a renovation can amount to setting a higher asking price on a home. Spring is the time many homes go on the market and new windows can increase its value even before it put in a crowded market.


Improved Insulation

Spring weather brings changing temperature; one minute it could be warm, the next it could be very cool. New windows can provide improved insulation, and in the process, reduce energy loss and enhance efficiency. Some windows are insulated by design and will help you to save money on energy bills. Better insulation also means that the comfort of your home will also be improved because the indoor temperature will be less impacted by heat loss from damaged windows.


Better Views

From blooming flowers, birds chirping and nature simply bursting back to life with amazing colors, spring is refreshing. What better way to take in the sights than with windows that provide the best views. You can maximize view with the type of window you choose, and there are plenty of options available that allows more light to enter a space and offer a greater view of the outdoors.


Spring is the perfect time to carry out window replacement projects. The benefits are impactful, from adding curb appeal, increasing home value to improving insulation. Your home will feel renewed, and you can enjoy the new comfort it brings. Contact Atlas Glass & Mirror for a free estimate!