5 Reasons to Get a Glass Shower Enclosure

If you are thinking about remodeling any of the full bathrooms in your home, you’ve probably found yourself spending a great deal of time researching various features and decorating styles that are popular right now. One look that is popular across the board, from farmhouse chic spaces to ultramodern rooms, is the glass shower enclosure. No longer are homeowners opting for combined showers and tubs with traditional curtains. Instead, standalone glass showers are becoming the norm. Here, you’ll discover five reasons to consider this option for your upcoming renovation.


  1. It adds visual space – One of the biggest reasons to consider a glass shower enclosure is that it will automatically make your bathroom appear larger, no matter how much square footage it actually has. Some people even decide to turn half baths into full ones when they realize how little visual space glass showers take-up!
  2. Your shower can become a design element – Showers that are hidden by curtains and opaque doors tend to drag down the overall interior design of a space. Glass shower enclosures, on the other hand, can become decorating elements in and of themselves. You might, for example, choose to have beautiful European or Moroccan tile installed in the shower, elevating it to become a stunning feature that truly takes your new space to the next level aesthetically.
  3. Your bathroom will feel like a spa – If there’s one thing almost all spas have in common, it is that they are designed with an open, airy feel in mind. Using a glass shower enclosure as part of your renovation will help your space feel more spa-like. Drawing inspiration from high-end spas is particularly popular in master bathrooms, where homeowners want to be able to relax and unwind.
  4. The trend is here to stay – Glass shower enclosures have been popular for a while now and their popularity shows no sign of waning. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the look going out of style in just a few years’ time. Instead, you can trust that your glass shower enclosure will look stylish and attractive for the long haul.
  5. You can enjoy natural light – One issue with closed-off showers is that they tend to be quite dark and generally lack any natural light. By choosing a glass shower enclosure, however, you will ensure that your entire bathroom, even the inside of the shower, is flooded with as much natural light as possible. This is sure to be an instant mood booster, especially in the mornings when you’re trying to get ready for a long day ahead!


If you are interested in having a glass shower enclosure installed in your home in the near future, don’t hesitate to contact Atlas Glass & Mirror to schedule a consultation. One of our expert technicians would love to speak with you about the ideas you have for your bathroom renovation and help you better understand the services we offer.