Custom Mirrors Can Give Your Home A Brand New Look!

Custom mirrors can add the perfect touch to any decor; they can accent and add character to any space. Mirrors add natural light, lengthen walls, add height to ceilings, and overall, make rooms appear more spacious. Adding mirrors is a very affordable way to make a room appear larger.

Mirrors provide additional lighting in a room by reflecting light into darker areas, which adds a dimension of depth. Imagine your home or office with a floor-to-ceiling mirror on the wall across from a window, it doubles the amount of light let into the room!

wall mirrorGet a custom mirror made to fill up the majority of a wall, and use a beautiful frame to create a bold statement. Or hang two identical mirrors side by side to create a more dynamic look in the space.


mirror behind stovePlace a mirror behind the stove to spruce up the kitchen. A small kitchen will open up immensely with a mirror. It will make the kitchen feel larger, and add more light to a normally dark place.


antique mirrorHang an antique mirror above the fireplace mantel. Or a mirror etched with artwork on the wall above the dining room table to add a little more style to a family gathering area.


hallway mirrorHang a long, skinny mirror horizontally in a hallway to reflect light and make it seem wider. Or use mirrored furniture to help make the hallway seem less narrow.


closet door mirrorsUse sheek closet door mirrors to save space in a bedroom. These are also a great time saver when trying on clothes!


gym mirrorInstall custom wall mirrors in your workout room to give it the feel of a real gym! (who doesn’t love a little extra motivation).


Mirrors can transform a space and enhance the decor of any room. Here at Atlas Glass & Mirror, we cut mirrors to your exact specifications so they fit perfectly in your home or office. Contact us today!