How to Use Mirrors to Redecorate Your Home

Looking to give your home a refreshing new look without a complete refurnish? Adding mirrors to various rooms will help open up your space and bring a different look and feel to your home. Since mirrors have a timeless, classic look, they go great in any room. Check out some of these ideas to get your next decorating design!

  1. Adding antique framing to a new mirror can give a classic, chic look. This style looks great in bedrooms, bathrooms, and foyers.
  2. If you have a particularly small room or hallway, mirrors are a great way to open and brighten it up, making your small space feel much bigger.
  3. Mirrors decorated with a simple pattern look remarkable on high ceilings. (And it will be sure to make any room look like it belongs in a magazine.)
  4. Covering your entire bathroom wall with one large or several small mirrors will allow you to perform all of your morning tasks with ease. They’ll allow you to see yourself from anywhere in the room!
  5. By placing a mirror opposite of a chandelier in your dining room, it will showcase the beauty of your light piece while also enhancing the appearance of the room.
  6. Having a mirror directly above your favorite couch is a popular look. This look completes any living room regardless of its size or other décor, and also reflects light throughout the entire room.
  7. Bedroom mirrors are essential for minimizing the time you spend to pick out the perfect outfit. Placing a long, simple mirror close to your closet will save you precious time each morning.
  8. Placing several small mirrors in a pattern is an easy way to both make an appealing design on any wall and a great last minute option to check your hair before heading out of the house!
  9. Having a full-length mirror in a workout room can help you stay motivated. Studies have shown that watching yourself workout, makes you work that much harder. You can also watch your form to make sure you’re not hurting your body in the process.
  10. Do your children take dance lessons? Karate lessons? How about Tai Chi? Why not give them the perfect space to practice? Installing a wall sized mirror in the basement or bedroom can help motivate them to practice!

Thinking about redecorating a room in your home? Consider adding a few custom mirrors in your design! Contact Atlas Glass & Mirror today for more info on mirror installation! 508-879-6087


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